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VENUE: Polish Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
ACTS: Black Flag, Runs
EPHEMERA: Review from Flipside.

Circle Jerks cancelled at the last minute. Black Flag (unscheduled) filled in. There was a riot too.

Memories of this show? Flyers? Live audio or video? Photos? Interviews?

A Fan Actually. Friday's account in the L.A. Times of a PUNK ROCK RIOT is a funnier description than I could give. Everyone came expecting to see Circle Jerks, Mad Society and the Subhumans but we soon learned that the Jerks were unable to play (too bad). Much to my surprise, I walk in to see Black Flag opening the gig so I know it'll be a great show. The PA sounded poor but Black Flag did their thing anyways. Next was a band I'd heard alot about: The Runs. Two days before the Runs played a private party with the C.J.'s & some friends told me they were great! They were!! Important news to the two fastest Gregs on guitar (C.J. & B.F.) there's a new kid on the block--kinda familier looking--and he wales. The drummer is nothing short of fantastic either. Dave, the singer is probably great too but he's lost the benefit of the microphone on the last two gigs. The music is new, very fast and tight: it was the perfect catalyst for the riot to follow. Everything was destroyed. A lot of people were walking around with trophys they won from a smashed display case. Let the L.A. Times sum it up: Two policeman injured (one was run over by a punk) $4000 damage. The owner, who refused to release his name, said "Never Again."

JANUARY 22, 1981RETURN TO 1981