FEBRUARY 13 and 14, 1981RETURN TO 1981
VENUE: the Laundromat, Vancouver, British Columbia
ACTS (13th): Black Flag, DOA, No Alternative, 7 Seconds, Bludgeoned Pigs
ACTS (14th): DOA, 7 Seconds, Bludgeoned Pigs, Insex, Blank Generation, No Exit
EPHEMERA: Flyer, excerpt from I, Shithead.

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In celebration of the hardcore ethic, we organized a hardcore festival to run for two nights at a big Vancouver club called the Laundromat. On the bill with us were Black Flag, Seven Seconds, Bludgeoned Pigs, the Rock n Roll Bitches, the Butchers, and Insex. Both nights were packed. This worked for the cops as well. It seemed like they were still investigating the whole anarchist-punk connection, as they set up a video camera across the street and taped everybody going in or coming out of the club, figuring that they had a lot of hoodlums in one place at one time. Things were going well on the first night until something flew off the balcony and hit Dim Borghino, the lead singer for Seven Seconds, in the leg. Snotface, a local troublemaker, had crapped into a paper towel and thrown it off the balcony. Bullseye! Once Dim realized it was shit, he started doing the most amazing dance--I dubbed it the "Shake the shit off your jeans while still trying to fucking sing" dance. I guess it was the only pair of jeans Dim had brought with him on the long drive from Reno, because the next night he was wearing them again, with a square cut out of one leg. What a great event. Hardcore was here to stay.

Excerpt from I, Shithead: A Life in Punk by Joey Keithley.

FEBRUARY 13 and 14, 1981RETURN TO 1981