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TOUR: March '81 Tour
VENUE: Peppermint Lounge, New York City, New York
ACTS: Black Flag
EPHEMERA: Flyer, pictures from the Rat, review from Critical List.
RECORDING: Audio circulating. First half is soundboard, after Jealous Again it switches to audience.
SETLIST: Damaged I / Revenge / White Minority / I've Heard it Before / Rise Above / Room 13 / Depression / Machine / I've Had It / Nervous Breakdown / Jealous Again / No Values / American Waste / Damaged II / No More / Wasted / Police Story / Louie Louie / Six Pack / You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You

The DC punks came up to see Black Flag, even though the band would be in DC only three days later. They dominated the club (at one point you can hear them chanting "Georgetown punks! Georgetown punks!" on the recording), roughed up all the New York guys and basically impressed no one but the 'Flag guys, who thought they were great.

The issue of the Rat I got the pics from was an all photo-collage issue, and it was misprinted (the ink was supposed to be purple, so you print your blue layer, then you print your red layer, and voila, purple! Unforunately the alignment was off for my issue), so they look like shit. I just cropped the section with the two Black Flag pictures.

Memories of this show? Flyers? Live audio or video? Photos? Interviews?
courtesy of JOHN STABB (ed. CRITICAL LIST, official DEMENTLIEU fashion consultant)

March 15, 1981. New York's Peppermint Lounge, Black Flag. The first member to appear on the high stage was Chuck, bassist. The audience up front, mainly consisting of DC & Baltimore people were hyped up & ready to thrash. Chuck started playing his bass as he constantly walked in circles while the other band members, Dez on vocals, Greg on guitar, & Robo on drums, came on stage. When they launched into their first song, "Damage I", the crowd was really dancing hard. Black Flag does a great job of getting their audience rowdy, mostly with Chuck's steady banging & plucking on bass. It was obvious that they were anxious to play & their set was totally energetic! After "Damage I", (I think), they went into "No More" which was equally great. Black Flag also played songs off both their EPs such as "Nervous Breakdown", "Wasted", "Fix Me", "I've Had It", "Jealous Again", "White Minority", & "Clocked In" which is from the "Cracks in the Sidewalk" sampler. They did a song, "Machine", in which Dez screams repeatedly, "I'm Not a Machine" and the audience joined in until they sounded like machines themselves. They finished off their set with a pretty fuckin' cool version of "Louie, Louie". DC people were the rowdiest dancers, occasionally clambering on a stage over 5 ft. high & falling back into the crowd. Dez thanked DC punks for coming to the show. Most of the New York crowd, minus a select few, were pretty lame. New Wavers in the back & balcony broke beer bottles on the dance floor & threw lighted cigarettes. By the end of the show everyone there knew people were up there from DC and most felt intimidated. The show was probably one of the greatest we've ever seen, and it will be a long time before we forget it.

PS Black Flag quiz questions:
1) What is the creepy crawl?
2) What's the scam?

--Tony & Vivian

MARCH 14, 1981RETURN TO 1981