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VENUE: Starlite Ballroom, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ACTS: Black Flag, SOA, Autistic Reactions
EPHEMERA: Reviews from Critical List and Now What.

SOA play their last show. The beginning of the Rollins era.

Memories of this show? Flyers? Live audio or video? Photos? Interviews?
courtesy of JOHN STABB (ed. CRITICAL LIST, official DEMENTLIEU fashion consultant)


Black Flag/SOA/Autistic Reactions at Starlite Ballroom, Philla, PA/July 10/81 --Sab

A night to remember for everyone. Almost all of DC Hardcores were there. Philly seemed to consist of fat boys (blubber punks), new wave assholes & a small tribe of Sid clones (w/safety pin thru the cheek). Autistic Reactions--total shit so we let Philly pogo to their heart's content. SOA--first gig w/Ivor the new drummer & last w/Henry (cos he's singin' for Black Flag). Great as usual but sound mix was fucked. New songs like "Grey Matter" & "For Public Use." Black Flag--great. Best I've ever seen 'em. All the Sid clones stayed way off the floor. "Oh no, my hair. A spike fell over, gimme vaseline quick." There was a ruit outside--Kensington Boys (local gang) w/baseball bats fucked some people up. Bricks & bottles through the air while cops just watched. Injuries: Jaimie (ex-Iron Cross) - bat to the head - 22 stitches - Bert (Youth Brigade) - slashed in back - Eric (Red C) lead pipe to the face - Mike (Law and Order) - billy club to the head. Sum Sid clones got stomped on and hospitalized. Most of DC got away OK, but FUCK PHILLY, man. Leave it for the cavemen.

courtesy of: JOHN STABB (author, official DEMENTLIEU fashion consultant)

July 10 - (BLACK FLAG/SOA/AUTISTIC REACTIONS) Starlite Ballroom Philadelphia

The big riot that DC won't forget.

Almost all of DC Hardcore trucked up to Philly (land of cream cheese and baseball bats). When the crew I was w/first drove into the club, we hoped nothing bad would happen 'cos the gig was being held in one of the most roughest east side sections in all Philly. (No chance, we were in for a real violent excursion.) When everyone was inside the club, that's when the Philly freak show began. It seemed that Philly scene was all new wavers/Sid clones, bondage boys, (safety pins and all)/fat boys and asshole spectators. Autistic Retards played and nobody cared, so nobody listened. SOA played and had many sound problems, but DC thrashed and Philly watched. This was to be Henry's last time singing for SOA 'cos he's now singer for Black Flag. SOA were good but not great. Black Flag were amazing as usual. Surely in my opinion the #2 best band ever to see live, DK's being #1 fave. BF never let up for one moment; the energy they pump out is incredible (they have an unmistakable aura about them that makes you wanna move no matter how tired you are). Tonight was no exception; they were going and so were the crowd. DC hardcores got into a few fights w/Philly assholes. Henry joined BF for one song and everyone had a great time. After the show, that's when it all happened; lots of DC hardcores were fighting outside w/Phillies and nobody helped SOA load up their equipment, so I thought I'd help. When I got outside, I saw Eric (C) w/cut across his nose and he said he got a lead pipe in the face. I thought "shit, well, I guess it's all over" (It wasn't! Police had lined up blocking everyone on the street and just watched it all (vicous pigs)). More fights erupted and out of the woodwork came local gang, Kensington Boys w/baseball bats who hit Jaimie across the head and me and Sab saw it happen. We were standing about 10 feet away from him and couldn't do anything; we were frozen w/shock) but we grabbed Jaimie and w/about 4 people in the front seat, took off for the nearest emergency center. As soon as we got there, we took him inside (by this time he and us were covered with blood and all very scared. Me, Sab, Wendell, Paul and Chris waited around the place scared shitless and thinking about Jaimie and his condition. While sitting around a man came in holding a tissue to his throat, we asked him "what happened?" He took the tissue away from his throat and there was a big chunk of meat gone from his throat. He said he got into a bar fight and the other guy couldn't fight so he bit sum meat outta his throat instead. Jesus Christ man, Philly is for barbarians. Jaimie ended up ok w/22 stitches, but it was definitely an experience that was anything but fun.

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