JULY 15, 1981RETURN TO 1981
TOUR: none
VENUE: Tuts, Chicago, illinois
ACTS: Black Flag, Effigies, DV8
EPHEMERA: Review from the Coolest Retard.

Who do ya think that skinhead roadie who sang the encores could be?

Memories of this show? Flyers? Live audio or video? Photos? Interviews?

One of the more notorious American "punk bands" assaulted Tuts on a Wednesday night in July. It seems Black Flag presents a dangerous image to club owners and bouncers alike. When you look at it, there is nothing dangerous about the band or their music, it's just a built-up paranoia in the minds of bar owners and their bouncers. Granted, Black Flag doesn't play sedated shows, they let all their energy and frustration out on stage. Now just a word on the bouncers Tuts employs, because spending time on them is worthless. A bouncer's main purposes are to stop fighting, stop people from throwing stuff at the band, stop people from sneaking in, etc. Not to put some guy in a headlock for slamdancing--that's completely stupid. During "White Minority" (my favorite Black Flag song) the bouncers went nuts and started beating on the audience/dancers up front! No one provoked this action by the bouncers, the mach asshole bouncer who got beaned by Chuck (bassist) deserved it and more. What do they expect people to do during their set, sit down?

Now more about the show itself. The Effigies were up first, they played a usual strong set. The more I see these guys, the more I like them and I am anxiously awaiting the release of their EP and single. It seems to me that if the Effigies were from LA they would be hyped more. At times during Black Flag's set I found myself thinking the Effigies are as good as Black Flag. "Body Bag" is so great, it should be the next punk anthem ala "White Minority." DV-8 were next, but I missed them. Too much talking in the back bar, oh well, no great loss.

Finally, after missing Black Flag numerous times, I saw them and was impressed with both sets. One or two songs dragged, but almost every other number sizzled. Standouts were the opener "Revenge", "White Minority", "Nervous Breakdown", and the encore which the skinhead roadie sang "Louie Louie", while Dez, lead singer, played guitar. You can't take Black Flag seriously. I can't see their music chaning the world, but most importantly their music is exciting as hell. Punk sets you on edge, you can anticipate and feel the sheer energy. Hopefully punk will never be dead, we need this kind of music to threaten and wake up the stagnating music industry. Both the Effigies and Black Flag seem to be heading up, along with many other punk bands. Punk's not dead, it's just regrouping for a bigger and better attack. Oi Oi...........DDS

JULY 15, 1981RETURN TO 1981