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:30 Under DC

Please visit :30 Under DC--it's a website dedicated to DC rock 1975-2005. All of this stuff will be moving there eventually.

Washington, DC had what was perhaps the best scene in the country--creative, independent, loud and fast. I could probably write a history of harDCore, but it would be superfluous to Mark Anderson's excellent book, Dance of Days. Go buy that and Banned In DC, they cover just about everything important.

This section is dedicated to the DC scene from 1980-1984, and will be a clearinghouse for information on DC bands. Some bands already have a section in the dementlieu punk archive, so their stuff appears there, not here. Iron Cross will have a section of their own, once I track down a few more interviews.

If you're interested in getting into the music, I'd recommend the following records: Bad Brains - s/t, Minor Threat - Complete Discography CD or Two 7"s on a 12", Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide and Crimes of Passion 7"s and the Baby Takes/Baby on Board CD, V/A - Bouncing Babies LP, and Faith/Void split 12"/CD (mainly for the Void stuff).

If you dig that stuff, grab the Flex Your Head comp, Scream's This Side Up CD (has their first LP as bonus tracks) and the 20 years of Dischord box. If you can find any early No Trend stuff, I'd seriously recommend listening to "Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease" from the 7" (the 12" sucks), which has to be the best song about VD ever, and possibly the best song to come out of DC as well. Their other stuff is kinda hit-or-miss. Fans of Oi! oughta check out Iron Cross for some crucial Oi/Hardcore crossover. The post-hardcore (y'know, post-punk was a stupid term. Post-hardcore is downright RETARDED) bands that really deserve checking out are Fugazi (their early stuff--nowadays they seem to be treading water) and Rites of Spring. There's plenty more stuff I haven't mentioned, so do some searching on your own.

Some records to avoid are GI's first 7", the SOA and Youth Brigade 7"s, (you can get all those and more on Dischord's Year in 7 inches CD or the 4 old 7"s on a 12" LP, so buy that and just pretend you have the originals), anything the Bad Brains recorded after 1983. Oh, and Minor Threat's Out of Step 12" and Salad Days 7" are pretty bad--sure, some of the lyrics are great, but the music sounds like Minor Threat by way of Aerosmith or something. Just bland hard rock lounge music that goes nowhere and does nothing, but hey, I don't like the Dead Kennedys either, so what do I know?

2004/04/05: Decided that the Bon Jovi comparison was too cruel. Thought about doing a real update.

Things I'm still after:
any interviews, especially for bands that I don't have any info on (No Trend, Void, Black Market Baby, SOA). Any copies (xeroxes are fine) of old DC zines--I'm especially after copies of Brand New Age (1, 3+), Thrillseeker (1, 3) and Touch and Go 16.

Band members: email me if you wanna be interviewed!


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