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Just from the line-up alone I knew this band was gonna be hot as shit. I was right, of course. Anyway, DOUBLE-O are from DC and certainly stand out among other bands. Their music is unpredictable and complex with alot of interesting twists. DOUBLE-O are:

SE: How did DOUBLE-O form?
Richard: OK, I'll give you the beginning story--this was at some show and Red C was all fucked up, right?
Eric: Yeah, Tom was leaving for school.
Richard: I heard they needed a drummer so I talked to Eric and told him "I'm available." I'd be out from school for at least a year and he said, "Well, fine!" and something fucked up with Red C and you guys never got back together, right?
Eric: Yes, it just petered out..
Richard: and so Eric and I were lookin around for a bass guitarist and thought of Bert.
Eric: So I asked Bert and he said he'd think about it. I talked to Richard and he said, "Why don't we get Tom while we're at it."
Richard: Did I say that?
Eric: Yes, you did.
Richard: What an idiot. (lotsa laughin) That was a mistake.
Tom: I'm the personality of the band.
Bert: He's our sex symbol.
Richard: Yup, he gets us all our women...and guys too! Anyway, so then all that happened and we got together.
SE: When is your single coming out?
Richard: Oh my!
SE: and why is only 300 being printed?
Bert: Well, HR talked to me and asked us if we wanted to do a single on Bad Brain Records so I thought about it and a second later said "Sure" and he said there were only 300 copies being printed, a limited amount, it was a trial thing to see how well this one does and they're gonna do it with more bands.
SE: How many shows so far?
Bert: We've only played 3 shows (they've played more since this interview..Ed.) and half of DC hasn't seen us yet.
Eric: We played in this middle school, fairly young kids, and the GIs played too.
Richard: We only got to play 2 songs but the girls 1ike went nuts over...
Bert: Tom. That's cause he showed his arm.
Eric: So me and Richard grabbed him and pushed him off the stage into the girls.
Richard: They pulled his pants off too.
Eric: Uh-huh.
Bert: Couldnt find much.
SE: You're gonna be on a compilation?
Bert: Two of them actually (The Bad Brains comp. and Charred Remains).
SE: What bands were you in before DOUBLE-O?
Richard: I was in the Untouchables.
Bert: Me and Richard were in the Untouchables.
Richard: I'd like to make it very CLEAR that I was the original Untouchables drummer.
Eric: I was Red C.
Richard: Tom would rather not say what band he was with.
SE: What band were you with Tom?
Bert: He was one of the original Youth Brigade members.
Richard: I got a dog!..Susie.
Tom: It's got warts on its forehead
Richard: Susie's a little 7 week old (Uh..she's kind of older now..Ed.) Doberman Pincher and she's a bitchin dog too.
SE: Any clubs left in DC?
Bert: No, well the Chancery sort of..
Eric: We dont sway for the pay.
Richard: Thats our motto.
Eric: No, I just made that up.
Richard: Toni's our manager.
SE: Is she a good manager?
Rich and Bert: She's a great manager.
Bert: She used to be the bassist in Red C.
Richard: Well if you have to put a label or her, she'd be our manager. She helps us out alot. She's done alot of nice things for us.
SE: What does DOUBLE-O mean?
Eric: Double-O is a slang that means the once over.
Bert: To look over twice.
Eric: Yeah, to look over twice,an inspection.
Richard: But then ask what the symbol means.
SE: What does the symbol mean?
Eric: Richard came up with the logo and it means unity.
Bert: Like a chain-link. That's why we do "Kids Are United."
Richard: That's right, we wanna bring unity in the DC scene.
Eric: We have to bring it out of its slump.
Richard: We're reborning it.
Eric: Too many depressing people nowadays.
Bert: That's right.
SE: What's "The End" about?
Eric: Suicide. John Falls and me wrote it but the title is from a Burt Renolds movie.
SE: I saw it.
Eric: Remember how he tried to kill himself through out the whole movie? Well that's why its called the End.
Eric: What? You thought there was some deep dark meaning that was behind it?!
Richard: What's "Take A Position" about?
Eric: The whole song revolves around one phrase that says "Your indifference is a pile of shit"'s just how some people are.
Richard: How they're so mediocre, they can't make a stand on their own.
Eric: It goes "What we do and what we say comes from the mind and comes from the heart" It's what we believe in that we's just taking a stand in what you believe in.
Toni: Ask him what "Fade Out"s about. (I asked, Ed.)
Eric: Well it's basically about myself. You see I have this tendancy to drift away...
Richard: You can be carrying on a nice conversation and say, "Yeah, Eric,so what did ya think?"...."huh?"
Eric: Pete was the one who gave me the idea for that song.
SE: Who makes up the music?
Richard: ALL of us.
Bert: How about "No Reply?"
Eric: "No Reply" is about people who worry themselves about other people and it not just a girl-boy relationship, it's just like people in general and they worry about how one person thinks towards another person. Some people get down right obsessed over how one particular person thinks about them.
Richard: When you look up to somebody alot and find that they really didnt give a shit about you thats when you get obsessed, like, "What's wrong with me? Why cant I be friends with them?"
SE: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Eric: Sleep.
Bert: Sleep and skateboard.
Richard: Work on cars.
Eric: I don't skateboard anymore.
Tom: School.
SE: Musical influences?
Richard: I'm just influenced by the DC sound.
Bert: Bad Brains.
Eric: Bad Brains, Black Flag
Richard: Bad Brains and DC for me...with the exception of groups like Red C..ahhh
SE: Tom?
Richard: Say Rich.
Tom: Rich

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