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Insurrection interview from Touch and Go 21

INSURRECTION were interviewed at Brendan's house by Lydia Ely...Present were all members...

Q: How did you all get together?
Brendan: Deadline broke up because Ray and Christian went to college and then Insurrection had been kind of playing in my basement for a while and had done 3 shows before I even was in the band. It was just Mike and Guy doing this crazy shit, doing some chaos and I had never seen them before and I just saw them on stage and said, "Fuck man, chaos kids" and then I got to know them.
Guy: We were real impressed with Brendan's sound in Deadline...We thought he kept a pretty mean beat.
Mike: He could play the skins.
Guy: He was pretty much the King of the Big Beat. Back in the days when we were pretty much just the chaos guys, we were pretty much interested in just being cool and stuff and we figured he wanted to be in a band with us and we said it was alright.
Brendan: It was kind of cool--they were more interested in being cool than in their music.

Q: Why did Terry switch from bass (Deadline) to vocals (Insurrection)?
Terry: ...
Brendan: He's a mute. He only sings.
Guy: He has a mute stutter when he sings.
Brendan: He's kind of embarassed. He can only sing; he can't speak.
Terry: It just happened.
Brendan: Evolution, it just happened.

Q: Have you played a lot since you have been together?
Guy: Four shows. The first was at the University of Maryland, but that doesn't really count because we weren't really together--it was half a show. 9:30 was our first real show.
Brendan: It was great.
Guy: We played with Faith and Double-O. After that, we played George Washington University with Iron Cross.
Terry: And Social Suicide.
Guy: We played a great party, like the total best, with Scam over in Virginia.
Brendan: Scam are a good band. Look out for Scam.
Guy: Scam are hot. We played New Year's Eve at another party at H.R.'s house and this all culminated in our trip to Detroit.
Brendan: Our evolution to Detroit.
Guy: We played with Negative Approach, Faith and the Allied--All great bands and a great scene.
Mike: Jojo the dog-faced boy.
All: Jojo the dog-faced boy and the cup...MTV...Corey's house...Taco Bell's...shit blood.
Guy: I didn't take a shit the whole trip. That was three days that I didn't take a dump. That's not in the interview.
Brendan: Three days before Guy took a dump--even after Taco Bell.
Terry: Anytime he goes on a trip--He went on a trip with Deadline to New York and he didn't dump there either.
Brendan: The only place he'll shit is in his own bathroom...little-known facts...
Mike: It's the truth! Guy shit at my house once and be blew up all over the bathroom.
Brendan: There was shit all over the walls.
Guy: It wasn't funny, man. I felt sick and then we bought laxatives instead of Pepto-Bismol. Hey, I don't want my mom to read this. Next question.

Q: What bands do you like and what bands have influenced you?
Brendan: Insurrection is the only band we like.
Guy: Insurrection, Anti-Nowhere League. No bands influence us and no bands are any good. No, actually...All. We like all DC bands that are good: Scream, Faith, late Deadline--all the good bands.
Q: Do you like Kiss?
Guy: We like them, but they're not an influence.
Brendan: Guy likes them--I only got turned on to then by their latest album.
Mike: We're influenced by the Doors.
Guy: They like the Doors. I like Kiss and the Beatles.
Mike: The Doors are our biggest influence.
Terry: Shut up, you little faggot.
Mike: He likes hick music because he's a hick.
Guy: He likes Leonard Skinhead.
Brendan: He likes the Charlie Mountain Gang.
Guy: Rosslyn Mountain Boys. No, we like the Damned, UK Subs, Beatles, early L.A. bands. Adverts.
Brendan: MC5, Avengers.

Q: What do you hate more than any thing in the world?
All: Girls!

...........Enter Chris Bald of Faith.......
Chris: What kind of hat is this?
All: Peter Pan hat.

Q: Why don't you like girls?
Guy: Most of them are parasites.
Terry: They don't have minds either.
Chris: Yeah, no mimes.
Terry: You've never seen a girl popping, have you? No!
Brendan: They can't mime worth shit: they can't fake climbing a ladder; they can't do the wall bit.
Terry: We case our rest.
Guy: Girls like bands for the wrong reasons. I hate every girl except one--everyone's allowed one girl to like.
Brendan: We like the gritty stuff, the magazines. We get into Fetish Times.
Chris: Ughh ughh.
Terry: Are you all going to school, or what?
Chris: This is Terry. He was lost out in the wilderness of Pennsylvania.
Guy: He was out camping--Wilderness Survival.
Brendan: We haven't practiced for the last three weeks because nobody could find Terry--nobody was at his house--his whole family disappeared. We thought he'd moved, so we were going to get a new singer. He were walking down Wisconsin Avenue and there he was really weird. Where were you again?
Terry: Lorthian. Maryland.
Chris: Lorthian...That's a demonic name.
Brendan: And he's still our singer.

Q: Star singer?
All: Yeah our star singer. The best singer and the only singer we've ever had--our real rock star.
Chris: Just like Chris Bald of Faith--he's insane.
Guy: He's the only guy in Faith we really don't like. Faith'll be doing really good, then all of a sudden he'll start doing all these postures and moves.
Terry: Remember this: "Only blue lights"?
Guy: I remember that--the last person to do that was Flipper.
Terry: That Flipper guy, he's a dick.
Chris: How did they get the dolphin to fucking sing?

Q: What do you usually do on a night out?
All: Kill a few girls, drive, do the tunnels, spit blood. First we do baked beans and molasses at Terry's, pile into the Cougar(RIP), head for tunnels where we get sick, walk for hours and hours and we play 'Assemble the Pentangle', the game that isn't really a game. Then we hang the Awakening at (Hain's) Point.

(Chris is being obnoxious and throwing stuff.)
All: That's enough, Chris.
Chris: I'm not Chris; I'm Peter Pan.

Q: What does DOD stand for?
Chris: Daisies Or Daffodils.
All: DOD is a way of life--it stands for all that we are.
Q: What are you?
All: Us--Insurrection--ourselves.

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