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marginal man

marginal man lyricsInside View: When did Marginal Man first come into existance?
Andre: September/October 1982

IV: What are some of your favorite bands and/or influences?
Andre: Buzzcocks, DOA, DKs, TSOL (RIP).
Pete: Eamned, U.K. Subs.
Steve: TSOL, Social Distortion, Agent Orange
Kenny: DOA, Bad Brains, the Damned, DKs, and various others

IV: Are there any plans for recording a record?
Kenny: We hopefully will release a record, but we're not sure when.

IV: How many shows have you guys played so far? Any out of town?
Kenny: We've played one party, and four shows in the DC area. Also, one out of town show in NY at CBGBs. In my opinion CBGBs was undoubtedly the worst we've ever played.
Andre: ....the NY show was pathetic.

IV: Who writes the music and lyrics?
Kenny: Everyone in the band contributes writing lyrics and music. There's no one person in the band that does any one thing.

IV: Were any of you in bands before Marginal Man?
Steve: Pete, Mike and I formed Artificial Peace. Kenny and Andre came from the infamous "jazz quartet", Toasterhead.
Kenny: I also played drums with a band called Hate From Ignorance. This is the first band I've played guitar in.

IV: Are there alot of shows in the DC area?
Kenny: YES! Too many in fact. This month alone there are 7 shows. As a result, less people are turning up at the smaller shows which showcase the local bands--opting instead to go see the national acts.
Pete: Too many shows to say the least... Steve: There's a show at least every week now and they're usually $5!

IV: What are you trying to get across to people with your music?
Andre: With lyrics--we're trying to say something pertinent and interesting that everyone can relate to; something where people will say, "Hey, I've felt like that before..." or "Hey, I've thought about that..." With the music--we're trying to present something other than the 1-2-3-4-I hate Reagan style; that had its day.
Kenny: When you get down to it, the basis of our songs is personal experience. We tend to write about things we see, things that affect our lives--and most of we feel about these
IV: What does Marginal Man mean?
Kenny: Marginal Man is a term sociologists use to describe an individual torn between two or more cultures, partly assimilated into each and fully assimilated into neither. If you prefer, you could say that he is "outside looking in...caught in between."

IV: What do you think of the Touch and Go zine headquarters moving from the midwest to DC?
(alot of us here miss the big guy, too)
Kenny: I'm very glad T&G relocated to DC. It provides very good coverage not only of what goes on in town, but also what's happening in other areas. The interviews are also very good.
(is that a hint??ed.)
Andre: It's great, because we haven't had a decent fanzine around DC in a long while.

IV: Because you do have a different brand of music, did you find it hard starting out in front of the audiences in DC?
Kenny: We didn't find it particularly hard to start, but by no means was it easy. We used to have trouble with people not being able to get into what we were playing because our approach was a bit more melodic than that of alot of other bands. This problem still exists to a degree; however, for the most part it has gone away.
Steve: Yeah, alot of people still don't understand what we're trying to accomplish. But I guess if we ever put something out and the people read our lyrics--they'll understand.

IV: Do you plan on making another demo tape?
Kenny: We haven't recorded any demos yet...
Pete: That was a basement tape...
Kenny: The tape you're referring to is a recording made in Nov. 82 in Mike's basement. All we did was get a tape recorder, move the amps around and play.

IV: What do you guys do on your spare time?
Andre: Play bass and work (so I have lots of $$$).
Pete: (no comment).
Steve: Skate.
Kenny: Listen and play music, go out with friends, skate, work on my car....
(Mike Manos was not available)

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