having it their way--the dils

by Peter Urban

"Now I know the price I pay for having it my way"
--Folks Say No, the Dils.

The Dils have a history of violence, chaos, and frustration at their performances. For instance, at an early gig, an amp draped with the hammer and sickle was cause for a heated argument between the band, the club manager, and the local sheriff. When the flag came down, so did the band.

The next night, a fight broke out in the drunken audience. Knives were bared, gangs appeared, arrests were made, and the Dils played on. Soon after, the Dils were invited to appear at an outdoor party. The police arrived soon after the band started and ordered a shutdown. Irate fans smashed the windshields of two patrol cars.

After being barred from playing in their local area, the band left for San Francisco. There they convinced the owner of the Mabuhay Club to allow rock bands to play. The club is now being reffered to as the CBGB's of the West. The owner, appalled by the Dils, ordered them to stop in mid-set, but changed his mind when he heard the angry crowd's response.

Many of the Dils' songs are love songs, whose lyrics don't quite speak to my frustration, boredom, oppresion, or anger. Other songs, like Folks Say No could be anthems of our generation. And, the music is hard, fast, solid rock and roll.

The Dils are Jeffrey Scott - lead vocals, Josef Marc - drums, Tony Kinman - bass, and Chip Kinman - lead guitar. (NOTE: Jeff and Josef have since left the band, but Chip and Tony are going on with a new drummer, making them a trio, not unlike the Clash.) Their music sounds a lot like the Kinks with the energy of the early Who, and a volume that I've never heard equaled.

Their set at the Punk Palace was an experience that neither I nor the rest of the audience will soon forget. When they play in LA again, don't miss them. They supply the kind of energy, chaos, and fun that makes punk/new wave what it is, or should be. The band's sound is tight. Their volume and speed are astounding. Their originality is remarkable. Make it happen, Dils.

the dils' first lineup

Reprinted from Fanzine for the Blank Generation 3.

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