concerning a certain article by a certain la group in a certain san francisco magazine named after a certain stooges song...


A big thing in LA is people telling each other to FUCK OFF, & getting involved in little, petty street skirmishes--imitating English punks they've seen on TV. Like the strangle-dance--it's stupid! And lots of punks talk in psuedo-English accents--even though people in LA don't like to talke.

The basic LA attitude is that there's no reason for political unrest in the United States. If there's a political band they must be ripping off the CLASH. LA likes bands gaudy and silly on the surface--we get slagged off because we have a political outlook, for being too serious. We get shit like "Communist Chairman Mao" and "Dils Suck" written on our cars. They whole new wave scene is treated like a party--but you're not going to produce anything that will cause CHANGE if you treat yourself like a joke.

Audiences here are totally infatuated with the Johnn Rotten star trip. They don't realize that when he first took a suit and ripped it apart, then fastened it together with safety pins, he was SAYING SOMETHING--not that "safety pins are cute"--the clothes like the music are supposed to be a threat, like ELVIS with his pink shirts originally was, but there is no threat in Americans dressing silly. TIME magazine in their article on punk rock was glad to capitalize on the Weirdos costumes, on people smearing peanut butter on themselves...

The BAGS are a joke band--they wear bags over their heads, nipples, and kotexes all over their bodies. VENUS & THE RAZOR BLADS are garbage--Kim Fowley puppetoons. The flip side (press conference) is a perfect encapsulation of LA.

BLACK RANDY measures your amount of political conciousness by the amount of time you've spent in jail. If you threaten, you're going to be put away. His song TROUBLE AT THE CUP was written in reaction to the police clampdown on teenage hustling in front of Hollywood's GOLD CUP--real runaways with no future! American punk is like babysitting!

The DILS don't hate the poor.

by the DILS

the dils claim not to have written this--but it's an exageration of something they said by someone frm san fran.

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