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US - You were one of the first bands to play Mabuhay: how do you see the change here?

CHIP - What's happening here is great. It's indicative of such an urban environment. The last time we were introduced by someone saying that we helped start something here. I don't think wer had anything to do with it. I think the NUNS and CRIME did. As for the DILS, then were complete shit.

TONY - We've realigned ourselves.

US - What made you decide to change the band?

TONY - the old DILS were stupid--JUNK. I had the idea of a political band a long time ago. It's something I always wanted to do.

US - Do you feel alienated by the LA scene?

CHIP - In a way it's like a big party all the time, and all the bands are a joke.

TONY - LA SUCKS. It has no substance or soul.

US - What do you think of the gigs you've played?

TONY - Our performance record's been spotty at best. We've had a lot of unfortunate accidents. I'm not egocentric enough to thing we're great when we're shitty.

US - It seems as if punk has taken just taken over from Glitter was in Hollywood.

TONY - It parallels exactly. In the glitter period there were all these asshols looking ten times stupider than Bowie. Now they look like Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious.

US - Aren't ther any real band in LA?


US - Who is Black Randy?

CHIP - We haven't seen him, but we've heard his tape. His band's called METROSQUAD. He's like the SCREAMERS but he takes a stance. He hates posers. He never lies.

US - What's Shaw's functions on the LA scene?

TONY - He sees himself as a seeker of new talent. He gets a finder's fee. He is feared cos he has definite contact w/the music industry.

US - What do you think of SF audiences?

We've been getting a good response. Of course, 80% of the assholes just sit in the back and the people who really like it are up front. SF audiences seem more receptive to the subtleties of punk..the social and poltical connotations.

US - As opposed to LA audiences?

TONY - They make no distinction about what bands are saying. Everyone thinks, "Oh, I just wanna see some live Rock N Roll."

US - Tell us about the time you cried onstage.

CHIP - Everyone was trating us bad, there was no one in the audience. I wet my pants and started crying. I ran offstage, into the bathroom, and sobbed. Black Randy consoled me and said, "Go back out there, they love you."

US - What distinguishes New Wave from old?

CHIP - It's cut your hair now. It doesn't take years to grow back.

TONY - It's a sense of purpose--motivation--de-emphasis of musical virtuosity.

CHIP - ...the drums...the beat doesn't change so much...it's also brought about a lot of great guitar playing.

DILS - It's an alliance.

US - Why do you think so few bands are willing to make a commitment to punk?

CHIP - They feel safe in the system.

TONY - Bands just want to put out records, become rock stars and get rich. They see this as just a fad.

US - What do you think will happen to the punk movement?

TONY - If fused with the right things punk could become the new movement, sort of like the late 60's, bute more forecful and sincere.

All rock bands have to realize that they can make a transition from being outrageous to being threatening, from being a joke to being an alternative.

US - Do you feel that you are capable of dealing with today's problems? Do you have solutions?

TONY - I'm not saying that I could set up a government.

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CHIP - That's not what we're into.

US - Are your priorities music foremost and politics second?

TONY - There's no denying that we are a band.

CHIP - What a politician.

TONY - I hope that our songs made people think. I hope that we get our point across. We are not revoultionaries right now. We're just rying to provide a spark for something.

US - Do you consider the Sex Pistols as a political band?

TONY - Their attitude is that they aren't, but their songs prove them wrong.

US - Before you were into punk, did you listen to reggae?

CHIP - I listened to Bob Marley and the Wailers and the less obscure stuff.

US - How can white boys from the suburbs empathize with the music of black oppression?

TONY - I'm fairly intelligent and I can imagine and realize their problems--like governmental manipulation. I'm not saying I'm going through all these same problems.

US - What's your educational background?

CHIP - My AGITATION background?

US - Why do you think the Dils antagonize so many people?

TONY - They think we're too serious. We've actually had stuff written on our cars and anonymous phone calls threatening us.

CHIP - They can't see an American band as having polticial thoughts.

US - How come you hate art?

CHIP - Cos there are 4000 Marcel Duchamps.

TONY - People'll be artistically creative, but when you try to talk about new ideas (like in politics) they close off. A lot of US bands try to find contact through established art forms. Like equating punk with Dada. Garbage. At least when I say I hate art I'm taking a stance. It's not like I don't care.

US - The Clash are artists.

TONY - They deny their art background. They say it's unimportant.

US - That's ridiculous. If it's unimportant, why deny it?

TONY - Their denial is a statement in itself. They just don't want to be identified as art students.

US - Why are you so opposed to drugs?

TONY - Drugs make you easily controlled. They disolve your intelligence. Punk is a confrontation. Drugs are a removal.

CHIP - A hippie is let it be--wear less clothes--indulgent music and drugs.

US - What's your new revolutionary slogan?

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DILS - Wear more clothes!

US - Why do you think the media capitalize on the British scene?

TONY - It's like an infatuation w/the glamor. They only give superficial coverage of the local scene. People say, "Oh, I love Britain. I wanna move there." They have absolutely no concept of why or what is happening. Go watch the fucking destruction. You can always go home.

AL - What do you think of Jeff Olener as the Nuns' sex symbol?

TONY - He's like the Methuselah of the punks.

CHIP - He's great--fuckin' great--"the audience is fucked, but the youth are great"--fuckin' great.

AL - Hey, don't make fun of our singer.

CHIP - Okay, we'll make fun of you. Alejandro is a friend of mine. He will blow me anything, for a nickel, or a dime, fifty cents for overtime. Now I have a credit card, he will blow me extra hard. I can call him any time, cos Alejandro is a friend of mine.


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Reprinted from New Deseases with Jean Caffiene's permission. Thanks, Jean!

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