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Les Dementlieu Punk Bibliotheque

or, for the uncultured masses,

The Dementlieu Punk Archive


This is the library section of my website. I put it up for two reasons; one, I was frustrated by the lack of information available on some of the bands I like, and two, I had 50 megs of space (200 now), so I figgered I might as well use it for something. The inspiration to really update this section and turn it into a major source of information came from Kill From the Heart, a great resource for hardcore/punk bands of the 80's.

Unlike KFTH however, the focus of this website is going to be pretty narrow--I'm only gonna put up webpages for bands that I like, AND that I can provide some substantial information on. I have no plans to limit my pages to any one time or place--in the future you may see a page or two devoted to bands that are still up and kicking! Don't count on it though, since dead bands are much easier to pin down--they don't wriggle so much.

If you have anything you'd like to contribute to the archive, drop me a line and I'll get back to you. Mainly what I'm after is primary sources of information--fanzines, interviews, flyers, photographs, tapes, and stories from people who were there, but any contributions are appreciated. In addition to the bands on the frontpage, I'm also gathering information on: the Anti-Heros, the Avengers, Bad Brains (1979-1984), die Kreuzen, the Dils, the Members, the Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers (1977-80), the Wipers as well as the Chicago punk scene of the 1980's and NY Oi! scene of the late 80's and early 90's--especially information about the birth of SHARP and the NYC Oi! Council. Original copies, xeroxes, and scans of any relevant stuff would be appreciated (I'm willing to pay for original material and cover any xeroxing/shipping costs you might incur, but remember that I'm just a po' boy...).

I'm also very much interested in getting copies of the following fanzines: Coolest Retard, Forced Exposure, Last Rites, London's Burning, Matter, New Dezezes, Noise, White Noise (punk, not nazi). Email me if you have any issues you wanna share. You can also buy some of my records, or sell me some of yours.

P.S.: Thanks to the people who provided me with information on the T.O. Hardcore Clones. The band was apparently made up of Young Lions and YYY members, and didn't last very long.


This material is free for all to use, just so long as you let me know and link back to me (URL to link to: Fair warning though, most of the material is used without the permission of the original authors/artists, because, hey, have YOU tried to track any of these folks down? If you happen to be one of "those folks," that I mentioned, please get in touch.

In the instances where I have acquired permission from the original authors, you should be aware that that permission does not automatically extend to you. If you want to re-use somthing, you'll have to go through them. I am more than willing to put you in touch with whoever I can, however.

I honor all photographers'/authors' requests to remove material. All original content is copyright 2002-2005 and must be properly attributed if re-used.

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