This discography is, as far as I know, complete and accurate. If you have any additions, corrections, or just comments to add, don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

Please note that the "Irish Potato Famine" cassette that appears in several other discographies is NOT a Mr Epp release.

Tracks marked with a * did NOT appear on the retrospective CD...

And lastly, I still need a few items to complete my Mr Epp collection. Anyone with original copies of the following items should email me post-haste!


I've finished my complete index of Attack Fanzine, which was run by Smitty and Mark, with writing by Peter Wick, Craig Joyce, Joe Piecuch, Todd Y, and some other familiar names. The zine ran from January of 1982 to December of 1984--essentially covering all of Mr Epp's career, as well as the beginning of Green River.

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7" - 1982 - Pravda PRO711

1000 copies on black vinyl, w/insert

Mohawk Man / No Rights // Wild Youth on Money / Red Brigade / Acceptance

There are two variations of this EP floating around out there. One has "Mr Epp And the Calculations" on the sleeve, the other just has "Mr Epp." I bought my "Mr Epp" sleeve from Discourage, but Smitty disavowed all knowledge of that version when I contacted him about two years ago...

My original impression of this was that it was a passible novelty song backed with four bad thrash tunes. After hearing the Epp CD, I was forced to re-evaluate it. It's a great novelty song backed by four bad thrash tunes.

View: mr epp covers, mr epp and the calculations covers, lyric insert, advertisement (1), advertisement (2).

of course i'm happy review
of course i'm happy review

CS - 1982 - Pravda

no pressing info available, but it turns up pretty frequently

Sunworm - Someday (We Will Meet) / Spectators - Fine Line / Billy Shaffer - Hair Dyed Green / Rapid-i - Each Second / Joe Despair and the Future - How the West Was Won // Mr Epp and the Calculations - Mowhwak Man / Student Nurse - Recht Op Staan (version) / Spectators - Idiot Culture / Rapid-i - New Style / Mr Epp and the Calculations - Mr Epp Talks To Youngsters* / Sunworm - Kronos

Yeah, they spelled Mohawk Man differently here than on the EP...

This is a surprisingly good compilation--very strong efforts from all the bands involved, though I have to say Billy Schaeffer and Joe Despair didn't impress me much at all.

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pravda vol 1 review

CS - 1982 - Dog Tapes 008

no pressing info available, but it's pretty rare. w/booklet

Mr Epp - Spooky / Colorplates - Macho Woman / Nuns From Outer Space / Audio Leter - Matter / K7SS - This is Love / Mice ? Magnetic - Whitey's Trip / Speed-20 - I've Got (More Important Things Than) You On My Mind / K - There Are Exits // Tom Dyer - I See Pictures / Liquid Generation - Shine / Sue Ann/Frankie - Necessitarianism / Sun Worm - Hounds A My Heels / Limp Richerds - Bob Hope's USO El Salvador Show 1983 / Todd & Joe - Supple / Evan Schoenfeld - Peace, Love, and Eno / Mr Epp and the Calculations - Genocide*

Yeah, the band's credited two different ways... Genocide is a very different (crappier) mix than on Ridiculing the Apocalypse

Not what I'd call a stellar release, but inbetween the dull art noodling there are a couple great tunes. Epp, the Limp Richerds (hell yeah!), and Speed 20 are the ones that stand out in my mind. What the hell happened to Sunworm between the Pravda cassette and this?

View: j-card, booklet, advertisement.

the public doesn't exist review

LP - 1983 - New Alliance NAR-013

zillions of copies on black vinyl

Misguided Population - Absorbent Balls/Bored To Death / Debt of Nature - Dead Cow Manifesto / Marshall Mellow - Jesus Stop Shaking the Stars / Elevator - Jam #6 / Jimmy Smack - Live at the Lingerie / James B Slayton, Jr. - Lethargic Moan / Autistic Divinity - I Woke Up Dreaming / Los Luies - Social Conspiracy / Modern Torture - Until It Ends / Gary Jacobelly Ensemble - Jive Time / Severed Head in a Bag - Man With the Exploding Head // Spot - the Only Question is... / Kamikaze Refrigerators - Repition (sic) of Danger / Buffalo Gals - I Love Dancing with Joshua / Mr Epp and the Calculations - Jaded* / Turds From Space - What's the Matter With You, You Crazy Nut? / Gino Pusztai - An Hour's Effort / SEC - Prompt Response / Epedermal Refraction - Rice Paper Transient / Zurich 1916 - Ugly Black Stuff

This is a record with a schtick: every track was recorded and submitted on a normal cassette tape. The sound qulity is atrocious, the contributing bands are terrible, and the record itself is pretty fucking ugly. Gets my vote for shittiest punk record of all time.

View: covers.

LP/CS - 1983 - Engram ENG 012

no pressing info available

Red Masque - Stay Low / Cinema 90 - In Ultra-Violet / Next Exit - Static Cling / Dynette Set - Tell Me What You Want / Rally Go - Mass Brew Action / Mr Epp - Out Of Control* / Sue Ann Harkey - Illusions Are Real Too / The Celestial Pygmies - Credo // Moving Parts - Under / Beat Pagodas - Opposites / 3 Swimmers - Bar 2000 / Steddi 5 - Fame Or Famine / Memory - Plasma / Dean and Donna - Hellvue

Mostly dull new wave stuff.

View: covers, inner sleeve, test pressing, casette j-card, button, advertisement.

seattle syndrome 2 review
seattle syndrome 2 review

CS - 1983 - Deux Ex Machina CSV4

CS - 1992? - Box Dog? (I've run across one reference to this reissue)

about a thousand copies of the Deux Ex version were sold

Silly Killers - Nothing To Say / Big Machine / Rejectors - Struggle / Masque of Anarchy / Hobo Skank - Whorror Rock / Scammin' / Firing Squad - Bad Attitude / Heirarchy / Accused - Reagan's War Puppets / Highway Star / Fartz - Fight Back // Solger - Do Me A Favor / Repetition / Ten Minute Warning - Dead Solger / Buried Alive / Limp Richerds - Death To Ivar / Non-Conformity Socks / Drills - I'm Normal / Mr Epp and the Calculations - Strong Arms of the Law / Keep On Smilin' Till the End

This is something of a hardcore answer to the Seattle Syndrome LPs, and like the Syndromes, this gets a little monotonous. If you trimmed the Rejectors, Hobo Skank, Firing Squad, and the Accused, you'd have a damned strong release. Unfortuntely, you wouldn't have an A side either.

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what syndrome review
what syndrome review what syndrome review

CS - 1983 - Basic Tapes

CS - 1984 - Deus Ex Machina CSV 10

less than a hundred copies of the Deus Ex reissue, probably about the same amount for the original version

Maggot Brains - Intro / Charlie Manson / Mr Epp and the Calculations - What's Right? / I Refuse It! - Hit and Run Attack / Sacrifici Umeni / Meat Puppets - Problem Child / Aurora Borealis / DOA - Slumlord // Solger - Raping Dead Nuns / Dead Solger / Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - no obvious title / Getting Violent / the Part-Time Christians - Strength Through Bowling / Al Capone / Rejectors - Patriot / the End / Fartz - Police Force / People United

View: j-card.

basic sampler review

CS - 1983 - BCT 1

no pressing info available, but there are a ton of these floating around out there

Clitboys - Time For Another War / Have Faith / I Hate the Ku Klux Klan / Apathy Rules / So Funny / Rat Race / Third World War / We Don't Play the Game / Future Ruins - New Alliance / This Is Not the End / Fascist Lies / Any Salvation Left? / Violation - No Swimming in This Pool / Bomb Threat / Ripping Up Go-Go's / Kill Kayo's / ABC's / Smoke Pot and Die / Vatican Commandos - It's So Scary / Point Me To the End / Right Thing / Housewives on Valium / Skoundrelz - SKZ / Gnarly Davidson // In the Dark / Mr Epp - Mohawk Man / Intellectual Fool / Jaded / Poison Center - Poseur / Typical Chick / Tylenol / Hosebag / Security Stud / Positive Charge / Twilight Zone / Pencil Pusher / So What / Eat the Rich - Eat the Rich / Traffic Problem / If You Ain't Rich / Don't Be a FUCKUP / You're a Waste of Human Space / Innocent by Reason of my Brain / Bored / Cultural Breakthrough - Leave Me Alone / Lament / Tell Me

Chris BCT's inauspicious first release. Loads of shitty hardcore bands. Unfortunately things only got worse.

View: j-card.

first strike review

CS - 1983 - Green Monkey GM001

300 copies (according to Loser)

Al Bloch - Hanging Around / the Fastbacks - See and Say / the Chicklets - Ride 'em Cowboy / Evan Presley and the Extreme Beings - Kwanyan Blues / the Icons - Who Do You Meet / Mr Epp - Falling / Tom Dyer - Work Ethic Rock / Group Sex - Robot Love // Steve Nations and the United States - Theme From Mudshark / David Richard - Wheelchair Ride / Sherrie and the Mudmen - Thin Line / Bob Blackburn - Sirius Is / the Bombadiers - Direction / the Queen Annes - I Could Tell You / the Cosmic Tunas - Draw the Line

This smacks of narcissism--Tom Dyer (the man behind Green Monkey) plays on eight of the tracks... There are a handful of fantastic songs here--Al Bloch, the Fastbacks, and Mr Epp--but the rest of it is pretty forgettable.

View: j-card.

the public doesn't exist review

CS - 1984 - Dog 013/Deux Ex Machina CSV 7

CS - 1992? - Box Dog

Strong Arm of the Law* / Jaded* / Take Me* / Out of Control* / Keep on Smilin' Till the End* / Moral Majority / Red Brigade / Non-Conformity Socks / the Rose/A Friend... / Acceptance II / Intellectual Fool* / What's Right?* / Flogging a Dead Horse* // Altercations in the San Juans* / There is No Now* / the Pigeon in the Fountain Bed* / Time* / Stairway to Heaven / I Wanna Wash Yer Dog / Acceptance* / Danse (A Lot!)* / Genocide* / the Witch* / I and I Luv Jah* / Mohawk Man / Louie Louie*

Excellent A side, fantastic professionally recorded live gig. The B side is boom-box quality stuff--terrible, muddy, distorted recordings. Flogging a Dead Horse was edited (siginificantly) for the CD reissue.

View: j-card, insert, poster, advertisement.

live as all get out review

CS - 1987? - Box Dog

no pressing info available

tracklist unknown

I need this!

VHS - 1990 - Box Dog Video

no pressing info available, but this is VERY hard to find. w/insert

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Swerve / thee Epp - What's Right* / Keep on Smilin' Til thee End* / Trojan Horse / Nancy Ostrander's Wide Awake in Bremerton: A 20th Century Odyssey / Fred's Crash Shop - Tell Me You Love Men / Peter Wick / Helium Head / Ladies, If You're Out There in the Audience (Buy This One for Your Honey) / GI Joe Film (Call Theater For Exact Title) / the Melvins - song title unknown / Bruce / the Shembs / Where the Hell is Crispin Glover / Pierrat Le Tigre / Mudhoney - This Gift / the Trailer / the Limp Richerds - no title given

The most stultifying thing I've ever sat through. Poorly recorded and directed artsy crud interspersed with poorly recorded and directed music videos. Not half as clever as they thought it was.

View: covers, insert.

CD - 1996 - Box Dog 009/Super Electro 06

1000 copies pressed

Radio Intro / Stairway to Heaven / I Wanna Wash Yr Dog / Mohawk Man / No Rights / Wild Youth on Money / Red Brigade / Acceptance / Spooky / Join/Moral Majority / Strong Arms of the Law / Jaded / Falling / Intellectual Fool / Out of Control / Smile / Miscarriage of Justice / Genocide / Angel Feet/Mohawk Man / Louie Louie / Moral Majority/Red Brigade/Non-Conformity Socks / the Rose / Acceptance 2 / What's Right?! / Flogging a Dead Horse / Steve name checks every future member of Green River / 1984 / Wild Thing

This is where it's at. Intense, noisy, funny, stupid, astute punk rock.

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