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Flesh Columns

Flesh Columns interview originally appeared in Inside View #2.

Inside View: Was your first show in the Detroit area the one at Greystone Hall with the Necros?
Doug: Yea, that was our first show in Detroit. We played about two years ago in Windsor (Ontario), that was a long time ago. The show was at a crummy bar called The Corination.
Greg: That was when we first started out...we had a different drummer then and everything.

IV: Well haven't you played in Windsor since?
Sue: We played a couple times at this place called The Waterfront.
Doug: I don't think we are going to though, not for a while anyway.

IV: Why don't you want to play there? What's the scene like?
Sue: Well the thing about over there (Windsor) is that there is never a good clean sound system to play through and things like that. A lot of time gigs aren't organized well, but it (The Waterfront) is the only place we can play at in Windsor. So sometimes we have to take the chance, because we have a lot of Canadians that like to see us.

IV: Do you have a strong following in Canada?
Doug: Yea...a pretty good following.
Sue: A lot of the High School kids.

IV: Well you have a great following in Detroit and play here mostly, but what about other cities? Do the Flesh Columns plan on doing any traveling for out-of-town shows?
Doug: I dont know...
Sue: If anybody can organize something for us we would. Maybe Cory...
Greg: Maybe something in the summer if we're lucky.

IV: Some places like Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor or in Ohio?
Doug: Yea, we would like to play those places.

IV: Well, you have played in Ann Arbor haven't you?
Doug: Yes. That was a good show.

IV: Who writes the Flesh Columns material?
Greg: Doug mostly, I do some of it and she (Sue) makes suggestions.

IV: Being from Canada you do have a song that's dedicated to the Windsor police. Do you feel that they are any different from the cops over here?
Doug: Well, they're supposed to be cracking down on us this summer, but...

IV: Why? I suppose you guys are causing all kinds of...
Sue: When they're not hanging out at the doughnut shop they are out beating up the punks.
Greg: We could be just standing around and they'll hassle us.

IV: Sue, at first when you guys played everyone seemed quite skeptical because of a girl drummer...
Greg: The GoGos.

IV: Well does it seem that the novelty is over with? Do you feel that you've proven yourself?
Greg: Everyone treats her like a boy anyways.
Sue: Thanks alot. No it was the GoGos syndrome at first, like it was a novelty and everyone thought that I was trying to be just like them or something, but I think if your a good drummer people appreciate it no matter what gender you are. So I think that everyone is used to us now. But they don't really realize...
Greg: The initial shock is over with.

IV: What about any recordings in the future?
Sue: Well Cory and Jim are going to record us. I really don't know where. Greg: Some studio in Detroit.
Doug: We really can't say where.

IV: Any certain label?
Doug: Touch & Go.
Greg: It will probably be out sometime in the summer.

IV: Until that time, do you have any demo tapes that can be sent around?
Doug: Just what we make in our basements.
Greg: Yea, pretty poor quality.

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