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Necros interview from Forced Exposure 2, early 1982. There weren't any pictures, just a bunch of Necros flyers. I'll scan in some suitable replacements later.

The NECROS are from Maumee, Ohio and are one the best bands from the ever-expanding Midwest area...we interviewed them before their show with the MISFITS at Club 57 in New York...the NECROS are: Barry/vocals, Cory/bass, Todd/drums, and Brian/guitar. Also present was a friend of theirs, Mark...

Jimmy) What's it like living in Maumee, Ohio?
Barry) It's fun, it's great.
Katie) So it is the coolest place in the world to live?
Barry) I'd rather live there than here.
Jimmy) How does the Midwest scene compare to DC and NY since you've seen both of those?
Barry) More skaters, it's younger, it's probably smaller than NY, it's more radical.
Jimmy) How many kids are there, in numbers?
Todd) The last Freezer show we went to...
Barry) I think there is 300 probably, and then 100, I don't know...
Katie) Of the inner circle?
Barry) Yeah, like the people that do the 'zines and stuff.
Katie) How many cool girls?
Barry) None. No, there's some, some cool girls.
Jimmy) When you're talking about the Midwest, what cities are you talking about?
All in unison) Lansing, Detroit, Toledo, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids.
Barry) There is a crew of people from Grand Rapids.
Cory) It centers around Detroit.
Barry) Yeah, for the most part.
Jimmy) You don't include Chicago.
Todd) Well, that's much further away.
Barry) And they have one good band, the Effigies. The rest of the bands there suck.
Jimmy) So how many bands are there now in Detroit?
Cory) N.A., Meatmen, Allied, Harold, Violent Apathy, Crucifucks...
Barry) There's like more forming, I think cause like Black Flag just played there, the second explosion of bands is coming around.
Jimmy) Does that happen every time Black Flag plays there?
Barry) Yeah.
Jimmy) So what's "Blight?"
Barry) Oh, Blight's a new band, they're like Flipper meets Motorhead.
Todd) Iron Maiden...
Barry) Yeah, it's like heavy metal Flipper, it's like really cool. They're like my second favorite Midwest band next to Negative Approach.
Jimmy) How many times have they played?
Barry) I've only seen them once, it's cool, should we tell them who's in it? No one's supposed to know.
Jimmy) So how about Harold and Crucifucks?
Barry) Well, Todd doesn't like the Crucifucks.
Cory) The Crucifucks are great.
Barry) The Crucifucks are fucking great, you talk about the Crucifucks, you were the one who was beating off talking about 'em.
Cory) What am I supposed to say? They've got the beat.
Barry) Yeah, they've got the beat, I dig the singer who is like 29 and has been in and out of mental hospitals.
Cory) He's got a mouth bigger than everyone here put together.
Barry) Yeah, he has a huge mouth.
Cory) Not speaking figuratively he's got a big mouth but speaking physically his mouth is huge.
Barry) He's real spastic.
Katie) So how far away do you live?
Barry) 12 hours.
Jimmy) How come Brian's playing guitar? I thought his elbow was fractured?
Cory) He had his cast on for six weeks and now it's off.
Jimmy) Was Andy practicing with you for awhile?
Cory) Yeah, Andy played for three or four shows with us.
Todd) It was different but not...
Cory) Andy's got a different style but he's a good guitarist. Still, it didn't sound shitty.
Barry) Yeah, they're just two different guitarists. I prefer neither, you know what I mean.
Cory) Barry wants to get rid of guitars altogether, that's what he's trying to say.
Jimmy) Why did he leave originally?
Barry) He didn't like to practice.
Jimmy) Who writes the songs?
Todd) Barry writes all the lyrics.
Jimmy) Have you thrown out a lot of early stuff?
Barry) Yeah, we still do "Caste System," those songs on the first EP are like newer than like "Race Riot" and "Public High School," those are older songs.
Jimmy) Do people really misinterpret songs like "Race Riot?"
Barry) Yeah, it's misinterpreted a lot.
Cory) Yeah, we got a letter from Madison and it said "But that's great, you guys are racists, too!"
Barry) Yeah, people in NY, we get letters, "I hate Niggers..."
Cory) "...Glad to see you guys do too."
Barry) So you got to write them back and say 'fuck off.'
Jimmy) So how long ago did you start?
Barry) 3 years ago.
Jimmy) What was it like 3 years ago?
(lots of laughter)
Barry) It was us.
Jimmy) That was it, 4 people?
Cory) Even two years ago. In the last year was when nearly all the other bands started.
Todd) There were always the Niggers.
Barry) Yeah, there was this band the Niggers. A Detroit band I never saw. You talk about them, Mark.
Mark) It was '79, four black guys were in a band, they played fast and loud.
Jimmy) They were in Creem Magazine, right?
Mark) They were in Bomp Magazine, too. They were supposed to get signed to Bomp. I don't know what happened to them, they must have broken up or something.
Todd) I never saw them.
Mark) They were really loud and really fast.
Cory) They didn't have anything to do now with anything that's there now, though. Mark's the only one who has ever heard them or seen them.
Jimmy) What about Destroy All Monsters?
Cory) They sucked.
Barry) All those bands sucked, all the old Detroit bands.
Todd) There's a real difference, there's all these young bands, then there is this big clique of drug addicts where they are just into themselves.
Barry) They're lame, all those bands, Cult Heroes, Destroy All Monsters, they're like Iggy residue from the Iggy days.
Cory) Ask Brian, he loves to talk about that.
Barry) Yeah, Pollock, tell them about Cult Heroes.
Brian) Ah, no.
Jimmy) So what inspired you?
Barry) Weirdos, Dils.
Jimmy) Were you in a band before that?
Barry) Well, it started around then.
Todd) Actually it was "Pushing Too Hard" by the Seeds.
Barry) I got the Black Flag EP in '79. I read about it in Slash. Harold is hot.
Cory) Harold is hot as shit.
Barry) They just did a headline show at Clutch Cargos and they showed a birth movie.
Cory) A really gross one, like really graphic.
Barry) And they gave an episiotomy cause the baby wouldn't fit out. Everyone was crowding the stage to see it.
Todd) They should bring those films out again.
Jimmy) So are there a lot of Oi kids?
Todd) There's a lot of people influenced by them.
Cory) But there is hardly any that are out and out "We're Oi boys, we wish we were from England." There's only a few.
Jimmy) Are you pleased with the last record?
Barry) No.
Cory) "Bad Dream" was alright...
Barry) Yeah, I like "Bad Dream."
Cory) It sounds kind of weird. It's a good record, but...
Barry) It's kind of like a timepiece, it's dated.
Katie) So are you going to put out another record soon?
Cory) Yeah, I wanna.
Katie) Do you have any definite plans?
Barry) Well, we don't have any studio time booked, but we have some new songs, not that many.
Brian) We have two songs on the Bad Brains' compilation.
Jimmy) And when is that coming out?
Barry) Who knows?
Jimmy) They put new bands on every week. Negative FX is on that now.
Barry) The stuff that will be on the Bad Brains is the first stuff out of Touch and Go Studios, isn't it?
Cory) We weren't used to it yet.
Jimmy) Have you used that for any records yet?
Cory) Yeah, the NA record, that should be out in about 3 weeks.
Jimmy) Is the studio self sufficient yet or how long before you break even on it?
Cory) On the studio? I'll never even try and break even on the studio, that's like my own thing, I don't charge anybody to use it. It's there so I can record bands if they want to and to fuck around with but it's not that I'm going to charge anyone to use it because I don't have enought time to. It's just like people I like, bands I like, if they want to record there, it's fine.
Jimmy) Do you get sick of playing the same place all the time?
Todd) Well, that's why we come out here.
Barry) Everytime we get sick of playing the Midwest we come out here.
Jimmy) Do you play in Chicago a lot?
Barry) NO.
Cory) Twice, and it really sucks.
Barry) Chicago is like a joke, it's over twenty-one.
Brian) We played and it was like ten below outside and ten below inside, too.
Jimmy) What about Madison, is there anything going on there?
Barry) Last year was fun. Todd and I went with Youth Brigade and Minor Threat. We were supposed to play but the club sucked.
Jimmy) So how about Minnesota?
Barry) We've never played there.
Jimmy) Do you like Husker Du?
Barry) I think their album sucks. I want to see them live now, cause a lot of people, I respect their tastes, like them. I don't like their album.
Jimmy) Did you see Black Flag this tour?
Everyone) Yeah.
Barry) Yeah, they were real good. I like their new songs, their new songs are really cool.
Katie) When are you going to play Boston?
Barry) We'll play Boston when we can get enough money to afford to go there. See, the Freezer was stable enough so that you could say yah if a band wanted to come they could get $200, y'know? When the Misfits came they made $500.
Cory) Minor Threat got like $300 or $350.
Barry) See, the Freezer Theater is stable enough to make money, but we can't go to a Gallery East show and make $8, we have to at least pay for our gas. Every Freezer show is packed. Sold out.
Cory) There's usally between 250 and 300 people at a Freezer.
Jimmy) The Freezer is closed now, right?
Cory and Barry) Yeah.
Barry) I'm sure the Midwest scene can survive, it's not the clubs, it's the people.
Jimmy) Is there a new place?
Cory) It's gonna be like the Freezer as It's a wall to wall type place, brick walls and cement floors so you can't hurt the place. You don't have to worry about damages or anything and the building it's going to be in is bigger than the Freezer by quite a bit, but we are going to make a removeable wall so that for most of the local normal shows we can make it Freezer size. The Freezer was a great place to play cause the Freezer would get packed so there was always people from the front to the back standing up, packed in like sardines. And it's a lot of fun that way. So we'll make the new place like that when the shows are smaller and the big shows like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, y'know, any national act that comes through, hopefully we can start getting them in there because it will be an underage club, it will be better for everybody. You can get into a club if you're 18 and almost anybody can get into Clutch Cargos if they really want to.
Jimmy) Is that a good place to play?
Cory) No, it sucks.
Barry) It's good cause you can get a loud soundcheck.
Cory) Yeah, you can get good sound there and it's like the guy always wanted a NY type club and now he's finally got it. It's a really gay idea, I think.
Barry) He doesn't have a NY type club, no but he thinks he does.
Cory) It's just the crowd there sucks, you get all the regulars who are just there to drink no matter who's playing, whereas the new place is barren, no liquor, so you'll only get people who want to go to shows.
Barry) Yeah, and Clutch Cargos is singles bar, anyway.
Todd) There's a lot of people who won't go to Clutch Cargos that go to Freezer.
Jimmy) How many times have you played with the Misfits?
Cory) Detroit at Clutch Cargos, at Bookies, at the Freezer, Halloween here, Hitsville here, and tonight. So that's six.
Katie) Who thought up the name the Necros?
Cory) It was like in the back of Todd's car before any of us could drive, we were coming home from the skateboard park and we were throwing out all sorts of names and it was probably 3 months before the band actually tried to play. We just started throwing names and it didn't happen for a few months after we thought up the name.
Barry) It was more like a concept, "We're the Necros."
Jimmy) Did you guys go to school together?
Barry) Cory and I did for awhile.
Todd) Everybody knows each other from the skateboard park.
Barry) Yeah, we were all skaters before we were a band.
Barry) Except for Brian cause he's not from Maumee.
Katie) Don't you love NY, nobody wakes up to go out until 12 o'clock at night?
Cory) That's the one thing I hate about playing here. The last time we played here we got back to where we were staying at 7:30 in the morning.
Jimmy) So when is the new Smegma coming out?
Barry, Cory, Todd) AAAHHH.
Barry) It's coming out, don't ask me about it or I'll make the process slower.
Cory) Every time somebody asks him when it's coming out he delays it a month.
Barry) So in other words it's delayed until 1990. It will come out.
Katie) Don't you like being a publisher anymore?
Barry) Yeah, I like it, I just think it's a real pain in the ass.
Cory) It's the time factor, too.
Barry) And my writing as far as reviews is falling in on my head. How many times can I say 'this guitar kicks ass, this band's really fast?' So I don't do record reviews or fanzine reviews.
Jimmy) What is the stupidest interview you've done besides this one?
Barry) Sick Teen.


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