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There are some records/tapes and I'd really like to have in my collection. What follows is a pretty comprehensive list of the stuff I'm willing to drop loot for. Items marked in bold text are my major wants, and if you have 'em you could really clean up. The list is sorted alphabetically, and last name first for individuals.

Zines and flyers are listed at the bottom, after the records.


There's doubtless stuff I've left off the list--any Seattle noise (ala Limp Richerds, Drills, Epp, etc.) and DC / Baltimore / Richmond punk/new wave/noise/metal might get a rise out of me. If you've got something (record, tape, whatever) that you think might interest me, feel free to send me an email.


Again, stuff marked in bold is a main want. I love fanzines, particularly ones from the dawn of hardcore, circa 1980 and '81, but really anything '76 to '83 (and beyond for DC/Chicago stuff), interests me. Particular bands I'm always looking for pictures of/interviews with include:
Avengers, Bad Brains (79-83), Big Black, Black Flag, Black Market Baby, Crime, die Kreuzen, Dils, Double O, Effigies, Minor Threat, Mr Epp, Negative Approach, Solger, Strike Under, and so on...

I've got zines to trade: Coolest Retard, Forced Exposure, Suburban Relapse, and so on...


Recent addition to my wantlist, but I'm actually really into flyers. If you have flyers by any of the bands below, let me know...