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HARDCORE HOLOCAUST L.A. PUNK REPORT FROM GLEN E. FRIEDMAN SOUNDS MAGAZINE APRIL 10, 1982 LONGON, ENGLAND"Representing a transition from thrash to the political punk pop sound of some L.A. punk, include the militaristic Youth Brigade, whose interesting songs assault the unknown barriers of punk with tremendous bursts of spontaneous hardcore combustion induced with charges of absolute exhilaration."


Lately and in the last few months I've been hearing a lot of stuff from various places about how fucked the L.A. scene is. It's like rumors about violence from the Fleetwood is finally seeping back east. They say it's dead, it's eaten itself up, burned itself out. That may have been true at one time, but it couldn't be further from the truth today. The scene is actually getting fun again--What the hell, it's summer, but it's more than that. O.K.--Social Distortion and the Upstarts play the Florentine, thanks to the B.Y.O., maybe 1500 kids there, what do you get? No, not a lot of fighting, but a lot of fun. Girls too. There were lots more girl slammers and even some girl stage divers one in a skirt no less!! People are out to have a good time again, and I'm glad of that. I think the people who jumped into hardcore a while back "to kick ass" have gotten bored and dropped out. Just as well, cause now the kids that hang out are pretty cool. Enough peer pressure on the remaining asses and things could shape up for a rad summer. And there's gonna be some amazing shows--just check the ads in this issue for a sample.

SPEAKING OF WHAT'S INSIDE: We have an informative interview with Youth Brigade and the Better Youth Organization that has been long overdue. They are a good example of the positive people that are making the music scene the vanguard of as it has always been.

L.A. TIMES JUNE 18, 1982"Opening the show for The Angelic Upstarts was local trio, 'Youth Brigade,' whose hard-core rants sounded quite adequate to me."
YOUTH MOVEMENT 82 HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM FEB. 11, 1982"Youth Brigade was in fine oi-oi form. The lead singer had a great Jimmy Pursey-like voice."
L.A. WEEKLY JUNE 11, 1982"L.A.'s own Punk anthem organizers, Youth Brigade."
L.A. READER JUNE 11, 1982"Youth Brigade, this local oi-style trio consists of brothers Shawn, Mark, and Adam Stern, who have three songs on the impending Better Youth Label Compilation LP, 'Someone Got Their Head Kicked In,' with art by Pushead."

SOUNDS - APRIL 10, 1982

In L.A., the bands and the people are very much parts of each other, meaning most of what the bands are into, so are the fans. The anti-rockstar, anti-pose thing among the hardcore is still very serious here on all levels from the kids who are going to shows for their first time to the bands that have played shows for five years.

The only club that consistancly has punk shows three to four day's a week, three to six bands a night, is a relatively new club called Godzilla's.

It was originally run by an L.A. based group of punks, The Better Youth Organization (BYO), who want to keep the scene run by people within it so it stays pure.

The BYO is presently in its strongest form to date, since its initial emergence 18 months ago. The support from bands, fans and clubs has helped it get organized into promoting the good aspects of the scene to all those who are interested.

They are presently putting on shows in various halls around the area, bringing together many bands from all over, including UK acts.

They will also be releasing records on a BYO label and hopefully setting up a touring network across the country.

L.A. TIMES FEB. 15. 1982"The compact driving sound of The Youth Brigade was similar to the new current breed of English oi bands."
THRASHER MAY/JUNE 1982 SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA"Youth Brigade, commonly called California oi! Strong exciting sounds from the Stern Brothers in Southern California. A dedicated trio."
THRASHER May/June 1982 SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIABYO-BETTER YOUTH ORGANIZATION dedicated to support, putting on shows, records and general excellent attitudes from Southern California.
FLIPSIDE ISSUE 30 TSOL INTERVIEW"I like those guys putting on the show (Better Youth Organization). They're the best people we have worked with. They're our age and they know what's going on. They do it for the scene, not like some old assholes..."
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