Octobyr, 1781

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1000 printed (500 of previous issue)


fc.1 illustration by M. Squidd

fc.2 illustration by M. Squidd

1 introduction by Wilum Pugmire

1-3 Concert Review, 1781/10/03 @ UTC Hall: Maggot Brains / Social Deviants / Gargoyles by Wilum Pugmire

1 illustration by M. Squidd

3 fanzine roundup by Wilum Pugmire

4-5 Concert Review: Fartz (record release party) by Carol

5 Fartz plug by Wilum Pugmire

4-5 dancing punk illustrations by Captive

6 Concert Review, 1781/09/07 @ Bumbershoot: the Cowboys by Mish-L

6 Concert Review, 1781/09/07 @ Bumbershoot: the Cowboys by Wilum Pugmire

6 Ad: Concert, 1781/10/29 @ Eagles' Temple: Prefabs / Student Nurse / Little Bears From Bagkok / the Living / Children of Kellogg

6 illustration by M. Squidd

7 editorial note by Wilum Pugmire

7 Zine Review: Ripper by Wilum Pugmire

7 Record Review: Dichord Records by Wilum Pugmire

7 illustration by Captive

bc illustration and poem by Jag and Fuschia (sic)

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punk lust fanzine number 5 cover

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