January, 1782

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Please note that pages 9/10 and 7/8 were swapped in my copy, and that's reflected in this index.


fc.1 illustration by M. Squidd

fc.2 illustration

1 illustration by Virgil Finlay

1 introduction by Wilum Pugmire

2-3 Feminism by Skyler

3 Feminism and Solger by Wilum Pugmire

3 illustration by M. Squidd

4 Letter: Fartz by Fuschia Crass

4 illustration

4 illustration

4 Letter: Fartz by Carol Pearsall

4 Letter: Fartz by Vinny

5 Zine Review: New Musical Excess by Wilum Pugmire

5 Record Review: MDC/Stains - John Wayne Was A Nazi 7" by Wilum Pugmire

5 Record Review: Really Red - Teaching you the Fear LP by Wilum Pugmire

5 Fartz plug by Wilum Pugmire

5 illustration

6 Holidays by Wilum Pugmire

6 illustration

6 illustration by Carl Alessi

6 I Don't Wanna Be Cool by Verna Dogherty

6 Letter: Fartz by Kitti

9 A Few Words... by Mish-L

9 Punk Lust review by Carl Alessi

9 illustration by Carl Alessi

10 illustration by Ragged Jag

10 art credits

10 Zine Review: Punk Phoenix Rising by Wilum Pugmire

10 Zine Review: Inaudible Noise by Wilum Pugmire

7 Record Review: Solger - S/T 7" by Kitti

7 illustration by M. Squidd

8 Concert Review: Slick and the No Talents by Joan Didion

8 illustration by Joan Didion

8 Concert Review: Children of Kellog (Rock Against Reagan) by Wilum Pugmire

11 Letter: Hardcore in Seattle by Mike Arm (Mark Arm)

11 Response: Hardcore in Seattle by Wilum Pugmire

12 Concert Review @ Wrex: Fartz by Wilum Pugmire

12 editorial note by Wilum Pugmire

bc.1 illustration/collage by JK Poxer?

bc.2 illustration by M. Squidd

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punk lust fanzine number 7 cover

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