March, 1782

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fc.1 illustration by J. Crawford

fc.2 illustration by Carol Prisoner

1 Ode to Howard Phillips Lovecraft by Daniel Bailey

2 Letter: Trashing Halls/Hardcore in Seattle by Abomination (of Extreme Hate)

2 Letter: Rejectors News by Scott Russell

2 Response: Rejectors News by Wilum Pugmire

2 illustration by David Billman

3 Letter: Fartz Fan Club by Two Concerned Punkettes

3-4 Response: Fartz Fan Club by Wilum Pugmire

3 illustration by Carl Alessi

3 illustration by David Billman

4 ilustration by David Billman

5-6 Letter: All the World's A F@rt--It Stinks by Steve Fart

6 illustration by David Billman

7 Letter: Raping Dead Nuns by Steve Duff

7 Letter: Rapind Dead Nuns by Vince

7 Response: Raping Dead Nuns by Wilum Pugmire

7 illustration by David Billman

8 illustrations by Ragged Jag

8 Support an Endangered Species (Thinking People) by Steve Fart

8 Letter: Fartz by Ima Republican

8 Fartz Fan Club? by Wilum Pugmire

9 Record Review: Bad Brains - S/T CS by Wilum Pugmire

9 editorial note by Wilum Pugmire

9 Letter: Count Puglsy is Reall Dead by Gary Svehla

10 Zine Review: Sub Pop by Wilum Pugmire

10 illustration by ????

10 Zine Review: Pogo Page by Wilum Pugmire

10 Zine Review: Attack by Wilum Pugmire

10-11 Letter: Effigies by Ms. A

11 Response: Effigies by Wilum Pugmire

11 Record Review: Husker Du - Land Speed Record LP by Wilum Pugmire

11 Record Review: Wrecks - Teenage Jive CS by Wilum Pugmire

11 art credits by Wilum Pugmire

12 illustration by ????

12 Some Words by Mish-L

12 Zine Review: Slam by Mish-L

12 Zine Review: Paranoia by Mish-L

12 Zine Review: Oops by Mish-L

13 Zine Review: Sick Teen by Mish-L

13 Zine Review: First Offense by Mish-L

13-14 editorial note by Wilum Pugmire

14 illustration by Damien

bc.1 Comic: Baboon Dooley by J Crawford

bc.1 Comic by Vince Ransid

bc.2 illustration/collage by ????

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punk lust fanzine number 8 cover

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