May/June 1782

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Wilum says this will be the last issue of Punk Lust as he's going to spend the next year teaching himself to write short fiction.


fc illustration

1 illustration by David Billman

1 introduction by Wilum Pugmire

2 Letter: "selling out" by Heidi

2 Response: "selling out" by Wilum Pugmire

2 illustration by David Billman

3 Letter: Bigotry and the Punk Look by Fuschia Crass

3 Response: Bigotry and the Punk Look by Wilum Pugmire

4 Comic: Baboon Dooley by J Crawford

5 Book Review: HP Lovecraft by Wilum Pugmire

6 Book Review: the Delicate Dependency - Michael Talbot by Wilum Pugmire

7 Record Review: Rejectors - Thoughts of War 7" by Wilum Pugmire

7 Record Review: Mr Epp and the Calculations - Of Course I'm Happy. Why? 7" by Wilum Pugmire

8 Letter: the Rocket by Robin Storey

8 Response: the Rocket by Wilum Pugmire

8 Farewell by Wilum Pugmire

bc.1 Ad: Dischord Records

bc.2 illustration by Jag

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punk lust fanzine number 9 cover

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