As is always the case, the information in this section is far from complete. There must be dozens of Effigies shows not listed.

November 9 with Strike Under @ Oz in Chicago

First show

November 29 with Strike Under @ Oz in Chicago
December 12 with Black Flag @ Stages in Chicago
September 17 and 18 with the Dead Kennedys, Strike Under, Husker Du, and Naked Raygun @ COD in Chicago
October 10 with the Birthday Party @ COD in Chicago
December 5 with Six Feet Under @ O'Banion's in Chicago

Last show before the west coast tour.

With the help of Jon Babbin, whose experiences managing the Fix were no doubt helpful, the Effigies set out for California. After they departed on the tenth, they hit Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Iowa City, Denver, and Reno before landing in LA.

1981 tour press kit cover

Excerpts from the band's first press kit.

December 31 with the Dead Kennedys, Flipper, and the Fix @ the Factory in Los Angeles

This show was the last blast for the Fix.

February 18 with Social Distortion and No Crisis @ the Broadway in Santa Ana
February 20 @ Bookie's in Detroit
February 26 with Trial by Fire @ COD in Chicago

First show after the west coast tour.

March 12 with the Meatmen @ Bunches in Lansing

Show cancelled due to some bathroom demolition?

March 19 with the UK Subs and Anti-Nowhere League @ Stages in Chicago
April 1 with die Kreuzen @ COD in Chicago

Body Bag release party. One of Die Kreuzen's earliest out of town gigs.

May 15 @ Psi Upsilon Frat in Chicago
July 17 with the Flesheaters @ Clutch Cargo's in Detroit
September 4 with L Seven @ COD in Chicago

Last show before East Coast tour.

This tour was the Effigies first trip out to the east coast, and I think they were the first midwestern hardcore band to tour the coast. Anyone wanna point me to a midwestern HC band who did it earlier? This tour iten. is woefully incomplete. I know they played Boston, but don't have a date for it at the moment.

September 17 with Black Flag, Double O, Iron Cross, Faith, GI, Youth Brigade (CA), and Social Distortion @ the Wilson Center in Washington, DC

No, all those bands did not play.

Septemer 25 @ 2+2 (A7 Annex) in New York City
October 15 with the Allied and Rights of the Accused @ COD in Chicago
October 23 with PIL and the Embarrassment @ COD in Chicago
November 13 with the Allied and Rights of the Accused @ the Cubby Bear in Chicago
February 5 with the Replacements @ the Metro in Chicago
February 21 with the JA and the Putrid Girls @ AAA Gardeners in Phoenix
July 3 with Silent Language and Big Black @ Exit in Chicago
August 6 with GBH and SS Ed Control @ the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles
September 24
September 25 @ CBGB in New York

band also planned to return in early november.

June 9 with Jerry's Kids, Stranglehold, and Warzone @ the Rock Hotel in New York City
July 13 with Entropy, Negative Approach, Adicts, and Toy Dolls @ the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles
March 29 @ the Metro in Chicago

First show with Robert O'Connor.

July 3 with the Slamming Watusis @ 950 in Chicago
August 16 with Nina Hagen @ the Bismark Theater in Chicago


August 23 with "special guests" @ the Cubby Bear in Chicago
October 19 with Sleep @ Graystone Hall in Detroit
January 25 with the Active Ingredients @ Staches in Columbus
July 24 with Shock Treatment @ Ballard Firehouse in Seattle
August 4 with the Mighty Mofos and Mutato @ 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis

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