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Fix songs: Vengeance / Truth Right Now / Famous / Off to War / Rat Patrol / 'Cos the Elite / Signals in Distress
no record label, number or year

Recording notes: The Fix songs are the Spot sessions, and some of 'em appeared on the Jan's Rooms EP and Cold Days CD/LP--Vengeance is the only exclusive track. Quality is somewhat sub-par--lots of hiss and the bass is too loud. It would be nice if Vengeance got an official release some day, since it's much better than the 7" version.

Notes: The cover is one of the images from the Negative Approach 7" insert.

Probably not an "official" release, but done by someone who was involved in the early 80's Detroit scene. Tape dates from 1983 at the earliest (after many of the bands featured had broken up), but is probably from much later though (mid-to-late 80's? Early 90's?).

More information would be appreciated.

A scan of the insert/tracklist is available.

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THE FIX: You've no doubt heard of them by now. They toured the country this summer, played in SF, Arizona, Reno, Texas, etc... Some of their songs sort of sound like Discharge, but still have an original style. The sound on their new tape (which will be pressed soon) can be described best this way--everything ugly and uncomfortable about the world inside of an army tank that's on an attack on a battlefield. Songs: Off to War, Signal in Distress, Rat Patrol.
        --Barry Henssler, Noise 6

"The Fix have finally returned from their successful tour of Texas, California (SF in particular) and the Northwest. [...] [They] did some recording with Spot. I've heard the tape and the improvement in sound over their single has to be heard to be believed. They celebrated their return with an amazing gig at Rick's American Cafe in E. Lansing. Not the best surroundings (tiny, carpetted dance floor and a benignly mellow atmosphere) for their unsubtle brand of punk. Aggressive, uncompromising, violent, nobody does it better..."
        --Dave Stimson, Discords
        (reprinted in Touch and Go 15, September 1981)

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