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"If you don't know about the Fix by now, boy are you a lame fuck (non-area readers promptly ignore that last crass remark--ED). These guys are it, pure and simple. The only local band worthy of coverage in the exalted pages of T&G. And don't give me no shit about bands like Trainable, the Whoremones, Eddie Puke, etc. They just don't measure up. Joke bands are fun maybe once, but you sure as hell can't subsist on a steady diet of that junk. They're just dabbling in this new music thing...too timid to attack it head on. And that's what seperates the Fix from all the rest.

"Finally we have a band that matches the manic velocity of the LA groups, and may I say, it's been a long time coming. Now we can hit a local pub and see a band that plays with unbridled energy and wreckless abandon. Uncompromisingly fast and raw, a typical Fix set is one frenzied assault from start to finish. No stopping for air either, they just rip right into the next song. They come to play, not to spout cliche politicisms. Behind Craig's lightening lead, their music attacks the listener like a barrage of machinegun fire, strafing everything in its path. As you've probably figured out by now, this stuff ain't for the snivelling little wimps, if you can't handle it, stay home and cuddle up to the b-52's latest debacle.

"These guys deserve your support, they're our one and only authentic punk band (if I may be so bold as to use such an inadequate label). They play with an intensity and conviction that is unparalleled in these parts. If only other bands would follow their lead."

Dave Stimson, Touch and Go 9, Summer/Fall 1980

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