reagan regime front coverreagan regime back cover

reagan regime vinylV/A - Reagan Regime Review 7":
Fix - Vengeance / Meatmen - 1 Down, 3 to Go / Negative Approach - Can't Tell No One // Toxic Reasons - Somebody Help Me / McDonald's - ?
200 copies on white vinyl
800 copies on black vinyl
or maybe 300 white, 4700 black
Selfless Records 4, 1991

Recording notes: Fix song recorded live, and the sound's atrocious.

Notes: The Fix song is live, and the sound quality is absolute SHIT. The other tracks (Meatmen, Negative Approach, Toxic Reasons, and McDonald's) are all pretty high quality. I wonder why Tesco decided on a live version of Vengeance when there's a fantastic studio version that's never been released anywhere.

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