April, 1982

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Concert Review, 1982/03/12: Malfunktion / Extreme Maggots / Extreme Hate / Silly Killers / Rejectors / Fartz @ Serbian Hall by Jo Smitty

Bow Wow Wow record signing by Jeff Smith

Record Review: Really Red - Teaching You The Fear LP by Jeff Smith

Shirley's Deliverance: A Punk Tale by Peter Wick

Record Review: V/A - Hell Comes To Your House LP by Mark Arm

Record Review: Shattered Faith - I Love America 7" (by Mark Arm?)

Record Review: Joan Armatrading - Free 7" by Jo Smitty

Record Review: Tom Tom Club - Tom Tom Club LP by Jo Smitty

Record Review: Anti-Pasti - Six Guns 7" by Jeff Smith

Record Review: Blackouts - Exchange of Goods 7" by Jeff Smith

Record Review: Bob Dylan - Heart of Mine 7" by Craig Joyce

Record Review: Zounds - Curse of Zounds LP by Mark Arm

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