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Flipside 16:
Who could imagine that out of a sedate beach community like Redondo Beach, a band like Black Flag could emerge...

February 8 or 9

Greg: Well Black Flag is a symbol of anarchy, and that's basically where the idea came from.

September 6

Ripper 3:
Chuck: ... I did brain operations and things. I used to cut open rats and put electrodes in their heads and stick drugs into them and watch what they did...

September 25

Outcry 1:
Chuck: When we first started out, it was like this hardcore group in Hollywood. They considered, if you were a punk you lived in Hollywood, you made your total dedication, you lived out there and you did that. That's why we got all this pressure in the beginning. Here we were from the suburbs, this bunch of wild jerks from Hermosa Beach, right.
Creepy Crawler:
Dedicated to those who wish it was an act.

November 10

Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder:
Anyone have this on tape?
Coolest Retard: (a response to the Tomorrow Show piece)
I still had to admire her for admitting her ignorance and disgust at the scene.

November 27

Flipside 22:
Chuck: Originally we were Panic...
Hud: Like Panic fanzine?
Chuck: That's why it stopped, too many Panics. Panic break out, Panic cut loose, Panic desperation. Black Flag--pretty much the same angle but a little deeper concept.

December 13

Coolest Retard 12:
CHUCK: If we wanted to we could get a job that paid a lot of money.
JOHN: So what did you guys study?
CHUCK: I studied psychobiology.
GHEG: I studied economics.
(Everybody looks at Dez)
DEZ: Ah, I studied ah...micro, micro...wave fuckology.

March 17

Capitol Crisis 5:
Chuck I'm not for or against any government in particular. I figure you've got to fight control, always.
Dez People may find that very political, because we're against politics...well...I don't know.
Chuck Political involvement is the problem. That's the problem.
C.C. Your philosophy of "no rules"--how far do you carry it?
Chuck As far as I can. My own rules are bad enough. I don't need anybody else's.

August 26

Ripper 5:
Greg got addicted to watermelon in NY and our money goes to support his habit--it may be our downfall.

November or December

Ripper 6:
Greg: I can't really analyze all the reasons people wouldn't like Flipper, I just love 'em. Like all the people that hate us, they have their various reasons. We just try to do our best to subject people to it.
Chuck: Drag 'em out of the woodwork.
Greg: Or go into the woodwork and blast 'em out. Not punch. BLAST!


UK Radio: [MP3]

May 20

Suburban Relapse 6:
BOZ: Henry, how does the scene in D.C. compare to the scene in L.A.?
HENRY: In both scenes there are people.
BOZ: How does SOA differ from Black Flag?
HENRY: Song structures are different. Different people in the bands. SOA only had one guitar, Black Flag has two.
BOZ: Maybe on a deeper level--an overall philosophy.
HENRY: I don't know.

July 4

Splinterviews 2:
Mugger: We bailin'?
Greg: Soon. Get everything happening.
Mugger: Well everything IS happening, totally in the van...oh, are you doing an interview?
Greg: Yeah.
Mugger: Oh, excuse me.
Greg: The Nigheist is the greatest, you can say that.
Mugger: Yeah, hey! Fuck the Nigheist! Nigheist comes in your mouth, not in your hands!
Int: How do you spell that?
Mugger: N-I-G-H-E-I-S-T. (leaves)


We Got Power 4:
Greg: Some of the girls in various parts of the country were disappointed by the sizes of our cocks.

January 30

Smash 4:
Henry: I don't know nothing about no fucking punk attitude.

March 17

Last Rites 2:
Henry: (talks about Overkill) - The album needs vocal tracks, but the music is great.
Dez: Their old singer quit, so they are trying to get him back into the studio, he'll do it, but band politics...
Henry: He's a very interesting, creative guy and he's got a cute ass, almost as good as Boy George's, I'm into that guy! (everyone laughs)
Last Rites: He's fat!
Henry: (standing up and putting up his fists) Take it back! (laughs)

April 14

Suburban Voice 10: [OFF-SITE]
Henry: I don't consider anything I do as poetry.

April 21

Last Rites 7:
L.R.: What would you do if you weren't in Black Flag?
Henry: Write, paint, be in another band, be a terrorist. . .

July 29

Sick Teen 11:
N0RB: Hey Henry--i gotta ask you one question! What wouldja do if you were invisible for one day???
HENRY: If i was invisible???? Umm...probly do the same thing i do every day,work out and practive with the band...
N0RB [noticing scores of cute punker chix roaming about]: --you mean you wouldn't--i mean--all you'd do is---Christ! I don't know about you, Henry!!!
HENRY: [actually grins!!! fuckin' shit!!!]

February 24, 1998

Henry Rollins: EMP Oral History [OFF-SITE VIDEO]
HENRY: And that fall, fall of '81, we recorded the Damaged album, went on tour, and I've been on the road ever since, like literally averaging about a hundred shows a year for seventeen years.

March 19, 1998

Keith Morris: EMP Oral History [OFF-SITE VIDEO]
KEITH: ...the surfers, the skiers, the what-have-you's, the athletic people. We were not a part of that. We were basically the nerds.

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