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2007/11/10: Another small update to the Mr Epp discography.

2007/10/29: The Attack fanzine index is now complete. I'll whip up a statistics section and some biographies for it soon.

2007/10/25: An update? What's that? I know, I know, it's been a while. The only thing updated this time 'round is the Mr Epp discography. I'm almost done with a complete index of Attack, Smitty and Mark Arm's punk/art/noise zine, so hopefully there will be another update in the not too distant future. As always, I have plans for a lot of future updates, and I'd like to get them done soon...but it never seems to work out that way.

2007/05/19: More than a year between updates...but I maintain that I have not been idle. :30 Under DC has been updated at least once a month since going live in the summer of '04. Check it out. Anyway, this update is for the CSS overhaul of the Effigies web page. There's still lots more to add. Hopefully I'll get it done before the end of the year. Then again...

2006/01/05: I have not been idle. The Limp Richerds get a section, and Mr Epp and Blight have discographies now. I'm working on a Life Sentence discography and an update to the Effigies section.

2005/09/11: I have not been idle. The Fix section was updated yesterday as well--I just forgot to mention it.

2005/09/10: I have not been idle. Black Flag section has been updated. More Dils and Effigies soon...

2005/07/28: I have not been idle. The Black Flag section has finally been updated. More Dils soon...

2005/07/18: I have not been idle. The Fix section has been updated. Black Flag and the Effigies are next...

2005/07/13: I have not been idle. The Dils section has been updated. The Fix and Black Flag sections should both be updated soon as well.

2005/05/14: Okey dokey, there's now a section for Solger. You may notice that the look, feel, and content of the Solger section are pretty different from the rest of the archive. That's deliberate. Expect more of my hamfisted attempts at style, inlcuding some retrofits of existing pages. The Black Flag section's been updated too.

2005/05/06: Y'know, if I keep this up I'm gonna ruin my reputation for never updating my site. Fix page updated with a flyer from Steve, random typos corrected everywhere else. There's a new band section in the works that's a little...different from what I have up right now.

2005/04/28: Good lord, THREE updates in a single month. This one is an update of the Dils and Black Flag sections. The official Black Market Baby website, designed and maintained by yours truly, launched earlier this month. Oh yeah, and last night there were two Eastern Box Turtles fucking on my computer table. I bet your computer table hasn't seen half the shit mine has...

2005/04/17: Updated the Fix section with the one and only Fix press kit.

2005/04/02: I have been updating...I just haven't been updating the news. The Fix page is been revamped somewhat, and now that I'm in touch, directly or indirectly, with everyone who was in the band, I hope it'll grow a lot more. The Black Flag section has been updated recently as well, though I'm still not very good about doing it in a timely manner.

2004/12/31: Black Flag section goes live. It will update the first week of every month, and hopefully the regular update schedule will prove contagious, leading to regular updates everywhere...

2004/11/13: Of course, I managed to find a stash of flyers and advertisements to burst my little bubble about almost being done with the Effigies section. Added some stuff there (still a few more to come, though). Added some flyers to the Crime section. I was also worried that I didn't have enough different little websites to neglect (when was the last time I updated my fucking Big Black page?), so I'm working on a new band website--it will go live on Jan 1.

Oh yeah, and I added a Freeze setlist to the Other Bands section.

And if you're looking for the Bad Brains section it's moved over to: :30 Under DC. Why not swing on over and have a gander?

2004/10/04: Updated the Effigies section. There are only three more things I need to do there! The Effigies section, in case you didn't know, was basically the beginning of this site, more than three years ago (June or July of '01, by my reckoning). I've been constantly running with a major backlog of Effigies stuff to digitize, but now I'm almost done--the only other things to do are scan in the reunion flyer, write up a review of the reunion show, and do a discography. Fuckin' A! Whatever will I do with myself now?

2004/09/26: Updated the Effigies section.

2004/09/15: More stuff in the Fix section and Effigies section.

2004/08/22: More stuff in the Fix section.

2004/08/09: Added a Fix section, though it's not quite complete. More updates coming (I promise). Visit :30 Under DC. I'm working on a zine.

2003/08/25: Added a stack of Naked Raygun interviews to the other bands section, along with Nirvana and Melvins interviews, and a few more are on the way. Added a single photo to the Effigies section. More stuff on the way too. Removed the Sam Phillips blurb from the front page.

2003/06/15: Added an interview to the Effigies section. Added a bunch o' stuff to the other bands section, and some new goodies in the DC section. Removed the forum, since after 40 days (how biblical) and more than three thosuand visits, no one posted.

2003/05/20: Special Negative Approach update! Added four NA interviews to the other bands section and HTMLized the old FE4 interview as well.

2003/05/09: Added some nice interviews (including a Young Lions one!) to the other bands section, updated the Effigies section and added a forum to the site (thanks go to Wormy for that one). There should be more updates coming soon, and if you want a sneak-peak at what's coming next for the archive, check the forums regularly.

2003/03/09: Washington, DC update. Computer's back!

2003/02/28: Washington, DC section added. Check it out. Updated the Bad Brains page last night.

2003/02/16: Update the the Effigies page. Also added a half-dozen intereviews to the Other Bands section and added a thanks page for all the (previously) unthanked folks who've helped me out. I have a lot more stuff scanned in and waiting to go (including a MASSIVE selection of early 80's stuff from DC that'll go in its own section) once I've htmlized it. Thanks to Steve Kiviat and Sharon Cheslow for permission to use stuff from their zines. I also killed my scanner--the one I got four months ago--so updates are largely dependent on who I can scam a loaner off of.

2003/01/19: I got a record in the mail a few days back. No points for guessing what it is... Updated Youth Brigade and Bad Brains pages. There are some sizable updates coming, including a flyer section.

2003/01/05: Updated Blaggers ITA discog.

2002/12/13: Another small update. Heart Attack and Undead interviews in the Other Bands section. Had a run-in with a bootlegger that got me pretty pissed off. Gonna try to scan in some flyers this weekend. Die Kreuzen section in the works.

2002/11/16: Small update. Some Effigies flyers, and some new stuff in the Other Bands section. I've been too busy to do much lately.

2002/10/19: Some more Effigies stuff up. More on the way too.

2002/10/12: New Minutemen, Sex Pistols and Double O stuff in the other bands section. Also added a flyer to the Allied interview I did. Youth Brigade interviews now have pictures.

2002/10/06: New site structure to go with the new layout. Chances are if you've linked to any pages within the archive, I've just broken your links (again). Also a new band webpage, for the Bad Brains and some new stuff in the other bands section. Next update in a week or so.

2002/09/22: Flyers and links added to Youth Brigade page. One flyer added to Effigies page. Some pics on the Crime page. Iron Cross page in the works?

2002/09/10: Update to Effigies page, which will probably be the last Effigies update for a while. I'm finally caught up there (again).

2002/09/08: Update to Effigies page and links

2002/09/07: I knew frames were a mistake. Now they're gone, and I can look at myself in the mirror again.

New stuff this time 'round includes a Dils webpage, a buncha new stuff on the Crime page and some small updates to the Effigies page. Pictures will be added to a lot of the pages now that I have a new scanner.

An Avengers page is in the works, which will complete the holy trinity of SF punk bands (Avengers, Crime and Dils).

Oh, and Pete Z. sent me a pic of him playing in the Allied. Catch it in the intervew in the other bands section.

2002/08/15: Busy working on the Ruts webpage I've been promising for the last two years...expect it when you see it.

2002/07/16: Hey! The Dementlieu Punk Archive is a year old! I added a "punk photography" section to my website in early July of 2001, and it rapidly grew into a selection of random interviews, photos, discographical info and promotional material. Three months ago I finally spun it off into its own webpage, and then finally subdivided and expanded it into the site before you now. Wasn't that a thrilling story? Your turn.

2002/07/13: Added stuff to Youth Brigade, Effigies pages and a Toothpaste interview Other Bands section. More stuff is waiting in the wings to be proofed and upped. Indexing zines turned out to be real easy, so I managed to get through about half of 'em this weekend. Indexing system needs some work though. Suggestions are welcome.

2002/06/25: Added the entire "physical" section to the Archive. New interview in the Youth brigade section. Added Angelic Upstarts, Man Sized Action and Subhumans stuff to the other bands page. History section, and the first history page (on the VC5) are almost ready to go up. Just need to wrap some shit up...

2002/06/19: My scanner came back from the dead. Don't ask how, don't ask why, but it's back...maybe not as vigorous as it once was, but better than nothing. Added a ton of shit to the other bands section (the Allied, Die Kreuzen, Insurrection, Scream, SSD, YYY) as well as interviews and shit to the Youth Brigade and Effigies pages. New section in the works dedicated to some historical events, first two items are gonna the VC5 and the initial reaction to Maximum RockNRoll magazine... Wrapping up the cataloging of the paper archive...someday soon you'll be able to consult a listing of every piece of printed matter in the archive and request scans/xeroxes... Starting to gather material on the Wipers, help would be appreciated.

2002/06/10: revamped site somewhat. Some pages have vanished and had their content moved to the other bands section. Added links. Added a bunch of shit to the other bands section (most of which I scanned/ocred/typed for other websites).

2002/06/06: added BYO Blurb from We Got Power 4 and an interview from Youth Plague 8 to the Youth Brigade pages. In contact with a member of Six Feet Under (Chicago), and am working on a page for them. Hurrah. Still saving up for a new scanner...

2002/05/25: Added Crime interview from Punk 11. Still saving up for a new scanner...

2002/05/20: Added two reviews to the Effigies page. Saving up for a new scanner...

2002/05/18: Added two short Effigies interviews. May add a Crime interview or two this weekend. Still need a new scanner.

2002/05/11: Removed all format identifiers except for the MP3 tags. They haven't really had a purpose since November of last year...

2002/04/30: Another tiny update to the Effigies page. Basically the only updates I'm gonna be doing are things that I can transcribe in 15 minutes or less...pretty much just reviews and/or real short interviews. At least, until I get a new scanner.

2002/04/27: Small update to Effigies page. Won't be any more updates to the archive until I get a new scanner, though.

2002/04/22: Pulled Bruisers and SLF pages due to lack of content. SLF page will back sometime... Scanner shat itself, so don't expect much new content for the next month or two. was down for about two days due to an asshole, but should be back up for a while...

2002/04/07: New Blaggers bio up. Youth Brigade/BYO section up...mostly. Ex Menace bio and discography up. Minor corrections everywhere, and MAJOR structural changes. If you've linked to any pages in the archive, I've probably broken your links.

2002/03/31: The Effigies section has doubled or tripled in size with the addition of a stack o' interviews, two posters, some fliers, and bio written by yours truly. I'm now caught up there. For now. Blaggers section also updated with a new bio, and some other small shit. Starting work on other sections.

2002/03/22: Framed entire site (solving the problem of too much content, and also giving me space to blather at length about bands I really like...). Added more Effigies stuff and individual links sections for all bands. If you have any problems with EXTERNAL (i.e. links to outside sites) opening inside frames, PLEASE, email me with all the relevent info and I'll fix it.

2002/03/16: added effigies, husker du, saints, and slits content, also added the "wanted: dead or alive section" (at the bottom).

Start news section.

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